Sunday , 29 November 2015

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To repeat what have been stated many a time over, the provisioning of urban transport services by our governments have not kept pace with the increased urbanization and developments to the extent needed. However, the 12th plan envisages 60% improvement in public transport share by 2030. India is pressing ahead with the bus rapid transport system along with metro rail projects in many cities.The Delhi experience has led to revision of design of many BRT projects to facilitate smooth implementation and integration with other modes of mass transit. This issue of Trafficinfratech looks at how inevitable BRTS for India, though the process of putting it together is difficult. The case studies show that apart from dedicated lanes, an inclusive system demands safer physical access, seamless transit options, NMT infrastructure, affordable fares and most importantly awareness creation through communication.

On the traffic technology side, Paul Grover and Rajesh Krishnan share their experience of understanding the deployment of ITS in the Middle Eastern market. They state that the key to offering Smart city mobility services is not just the technology or data produced, but how intelligence is derived from the data. In another essay, Andreas Mai from the US writes on how connecting vehicles to road side
infrastructure could be a profitable business opportunity. The revenue could be deployed to “to fix our roads and to build an intelligent transportation services”.

To bring down deaths due to road accidents, our government is preparing a national action plan and as part of that new safety norms for two-wheelers will be introduced. The two-wheelers will have automatic headlamps and a sound device that can alert passerby about an accident site. The horn automatically starts honking when the vehicle meets with an accident. Let us hope the plan is put in place at the earliest.

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