Saturday , 1 August 2015

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It was in November last that Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari had announced the government’s plans to install CCTV surveillance cameras at most of the traffic signals in the country to improve road safety. The new government in Delhi too announced the plan to install 1.5lakh CCTV cameras across the City. As we are very much into creating smart cities, CCTV cameras – strategically placed on roads, inside the buses and trains and other mode of transport – have a greater role in providing safety and also helping the enforcement authorities to deal with speed and red light violators. It is estimated that the sector which will perhaps be benefitting the most because of the creation of smart (safe) cities is the surveillance camera sector.

TrafficInfraTech spoke to the traffic police officials of a few cities to find out the challenges faced by them in enforcement of speed and other traffic regulations. Very often the technology imported from other countries does not quite cater to the local road conditions and driver behavior. The challenge is also to create better public awareness and integrate the technology with the existing infrastructure.

Most of the state governments have taken the safety of women seriously. The cameras inside the buses, autorickshaws and railway coaches for women and also at ticket booking counters are expected to create a sense of security. However what is important is to ensure that the newly installed cameras/GPS devices do function. And these also should not be taken as tools to circumvent the difficult function of physical policing and other provisions for enforcement. Another key factor is the need to use technology to improve the connectivity of the road user with the Police. Like the ‘Citizen Corp” app developed by the Indore Police. The coming years will see a sea of change hopefully.

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