Saturday , 23 May 2015

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The very successful Traffiicnfratech & Parking Infratech Expo in early January in Delhi was indicative of the increasing awareness among the end-users about the latest traffic management technology and systems. There is an urgent need today in India to go for the right kind of solutions to meet the specific issues faced by a city/town or highway stretch. The end user departments including the Police demand expertise, experience and reliability from the vendors.

The market for traffic management solutions is increasing rapidly in India. The Government is in a hurry to create superior infrastructure for all transport modes and also to integrate these for speedy mobility and to reduce accidents. Recently, the minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari announced that a huge investment of `5lakh crore would be made in the road sector in the coming five years. He said that from building a mere two kilometers of roads a day, the government would build 30 kilometers of roads a day in two years. There will be enhanced role of the private sector in infrastructural projects. Water transport will get a boost with an ambitious target to convert 101 rivers across the nation into waterways. Newer safety measures on the road will be introduced. Quality of roads will be improved and use of technology will be encouraged…

With heightened activity in the transport/traffic sector, TrafficInfraTech/Parking Infratech Expo 2016 promises newer offerings, additional sections and a highly focused Conference.

For now, we have brought to the readers an exhaustive coverage of the just concluded Expo. TrafficInfraTech team spoke to as many exhibitors and visitors as possible. The showcasing of technology was taken note of. And also the genuine business opportunities created.

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