Tuesday , 1 December 2020

“There should be reflective safety wear standards and visibility programmes during events such as road safety weeks.”

Lalit Agarwal, Managing Director, Reflectosafe talks about the importance of reflective safety wear and products and the need for standards.

You offer many reflective safety products for the transportation industry. What is the current market outlook for these products? What is the future scenario?

Reflective safety vest and work-wear are mandatory in the sectors where the workers are exposed to vehicular accidents. Now such areas could be inside the plant where trucks and forklifts are moving, on railway tracks, roads, highways etc. So these are the potential areas which need to be explored and taken care of. However the current market is not aware of the relevant standards and specifications, therefore users cannot identify between the right product and cheap substitution. The future depends upon mandatory implementation of high visibility work clothes for people working near moving traffic in hazardous areas.

Bodies like Indian Technical Textile Association, BIS and others can play a major role along with leading industry players in promoting reflective safety wear.

What performance wear clothes do you offer?

Reflectosafe is committed to promote awareness of the importance of high visibility clothing in the Indian market. In line with this vision, we have introduced new concepts and products from time to time, which have so far been accepted by the market. We customize reflective vests as per the user’s working environment which enables us to modify the design keeping in mind the visibility, comfort and durability requirements of the customer. We have offered innovative items like high visibility car seat belts which make the driver visible to authorities, high visibility rainwear with reflective material which makes wearer visible even in low visibility rainfall conditions, high visibility t-shirts for summers, bag belts for bikers etc.

What kind of collaboration do you have with US based 3M? How has this helped you?

For Reflectosafe, association with 3M India is just not a collaboration. They have inspired us to innovate and offer appropriate reflective solutions for the Indian market. They have also helped us technically to set up in 2008 our in-house test lab for testing EN471 standards. We are authorized converters for complete range of 3M’s SCOTCHLITE reflective tapes.

What do you think needs to be done to increase awareness about the importance of reflective safety products in the country?

In India, we have poorly lit roads.Road repairs happen frequently which necessitate the use of reflective safety wear for long periods. Therefore reflective safety products need to be promoted. It is very important to have standards in place along with visibility programmes during important events such as road safety weeks. Reflective vests should be incorporated in safety posters by safety councils; we are also doing our bit along with the 3M team by industry specific presentations.

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