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Tuesday , 25 January 2022

Ador helps with Smart Highways

India’s continuous rise in population often results in intractable traffic congestion in dense urban areas. The Ador Group has demonstrated the potential to effectively alleviate urban traffic congestion through its trailer and gantry based Variable Message Signs (VMSs), which use manual and automatic triggers to communicate with commuters.

Mega traffic congestion has become a major issue in the Indian cities. While infrastructure has not been able to keep up with the substantial increase in the number of vehicles on the roads which leads to a huge number of accidents, we cannot ignore the fact that recurrent public events like marriage bands & gatherings, processions, various rituals, all types of rallies, and roadside hawkers, etc., too insert tremendous pressure on the already congested roads. This often literally brings the traffic to a crawl. But there are solutions that can ease these challenges on the roads. Like Ador’s India-specific VMS (Variable Messaging Signs) product line, for example. These easy-to-use products can be mounted on road gantries as well as mobile trailer based VMS units and moved often between various areas that are prone to congestion. The VMSs can not only convey information on traffic jams due to road accidents, political rallies, road closures and festivals but also advise alternative routes and allow commuters to plan journeys to save time.

The USD 150 million conglomerate with significant competence in the field of power electronics for over 30 years, the Ador Group made its foray into traffic infrastructure last year at TrafficInfraTech Expo 2016.

The Ador range of traffic infrastructure products includes surveillance and enforcement products such as CCTV cameras and enforcement software (speed, red light & traffic violations) as well as breath analyzers and LED based Variable Message Signs (VMSs) with control and communications software. Ador’s products have been designed keeping in mind the specific challenges of Indian traffic conditions. They are a result of significant research undertaken by the Ador team on global traffic challenges and solutions.

One of the products developed specifically for the Indian conditions is the Dhanno VMS trailer. This trailer designed with a solid-state leaf spring suspension is able to traverse on most Indian road conditions (including deep potholes, loose tar and dirt roads) at speeds of up to 60kmph. The trailer is designed to carry a large VMS with solar panels, batteries and an inverter which can weigh up to 500kgs. It has a pulley based hoist which can raise the height of the VMS to 3 metres and is able to turn the VMS display by 270 degrees in either direction, thereby providing extra visibility in high traffic conditions. Messages on the VMS can be triggered from a central control room using 3G and 4G GSM technology.

The trailer can be towed by most vehicles used by enforcement agencies. A fleet of the ADOR Dhanno VMS trailers is now deployed and operational in Mumbai.

The VMS solution deployed in Mumbai was manufactured in Pune at the Ador manufacturing facility which is UL and CE certified. These VMS units, built to the European Union (EU) VMS specifications include a large size, full colour VMS at a pitch of 16mm. The LED lights have a lens to allow for greater visibility of the displayed text lines. They also have a vandal and pebble impact protection cover, in the event loose gravel gets picked up by tyres of moving cars which can often damage the LEDs. The signs can display pictures as well as text in three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi. The power source includes solar assist with power charge cables to provide autonomy for deployment times of over 10 hours on each occasion.

Ador is in the process of fulfilling orders to deliver Dhanno VMS Trailers for numerous other traffic and enforcement authorities as well as smart city projects across India.

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