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Tuesday , 25 January 2022

Automated Pay & Park System

The ‘M Plus Parking’ brand brings expertise and deep knowledge in parking management that will enhance the property’s image.

MPlus is principally involved in the management of parking bays and car parks and as such it is subject to certain inherent risks of the industry. These include shortages in the supply of parking bays & car parks, increases in the rental of car parks areas charged by car park owners, changes in the government regulations, changes in business operating conditions, and changes in the business & growth surrounding the car park areas.

Some of the core business activities are as

• Car Park Management & Operation
• Car Park Consultancy
• Supply of Parking and Access Control Equipment
• Survey of road and car park traffic
• Supply of building surveillance system
• ANPR system
• Illegal Parking Detection

Technical Specifications:

Camera Scheme: PTZ ONVIF,
25X Optical zoom, 16X Digital zoom,IR
Server Requirement: Core i-3, 7th gen, 4 gb RAM, Hard disk 1 TB

LPR Scheme:
• License Recognition and Detection
• Software-only Solution
• Open Platform, integrates with VMS.
• Hardware Independent

Software interface:
Easy-to-use and intuitive graphical User Interface. ANPR built on robust technology based on C++, Javascript, XML. Customisation based on .NET for faster processing and flexibility.

Working in brief:

• The system is integrated with the boom barriers with the customisation relevant to both casual and seasonal parking.
• The LPR and face reading cameras detect the vehicle’s number plate and driver’s image, resulting into creation of data containing the images of License plate, driver’s face and vehicle.
• The number plate image is converted into ASCII text by using OCR technology and thus is created a data for the vehicle with the ingress time, vehicle details etc.
• During the egress of the vehicle, the images are re-captured using LPR and face reading cameras and the saved data is fetched from the server and the parking time is calculated and the amount is calculated.
• Seasonal Pass Grouping as per allotted no. of Vehicles per client.

• Capture of License Plate Image with Car and Driver’s image.
• Good Quality, high definition Camera.
• Camera with Night IR illuminator.
• Daily Reports of Entry and Exit.
• Black Listed Vehicles detection.
• Open Platform, hardware independent.
• Enhanced Security and Operations.
• Real-time detection and recognition of
• Vehicle Number Plates.
• Low False Positives.
• Reliable performance, enhanced accuracy
• Hourly Vehicle counts and revenue reports
• Real-time parking slots availability details.
• Daily final reports at end of operations.
• Pass holders vehicle limits as per slots allocation.
• Weekly filtered reports of Frequently visit vehicles, frequent overnight parked vehicles, duration of vehicles parked.
• Images and audio-visual recordings.

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