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Friday , 30 September 2022

Automatic Vehicle Tracking Systems

KritiKal SecureScan (KSS), a leader in vehicle monitoring and traffic enforcement technology, has developed a GIS/GPS based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System and Emergency Response System called Dial100.

Dial100, which has been produced especially for the Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd was designed to meet the needs and challenges facing the Bihar government. The first was to enhance security of citizens of Patna and protect vital assets of the city and also to reduce wait time for citizens for getting help during emergencies. There was a need to develop systems which would ensure highly effective police operations with accurate flow of information and communication. A state-of-the-art Police Control Room (PCR) with Automatic Call Distribution System using Digital Exchange, Servers and GPS/GIS based AVL system for Dial was needed. The system had to enable tactical and effective communication between the authorities. It was also needed to provide a layered approach to secure city’s Entry/Exit, zones and critical infrastructure and the system had to integrate street level security solution with video analysis, aerial surveillance and traffic management. The whole system had to be integrated to work as a full-fledged solution so that when there was an emergency call, it had to be identified from where the call emerged.

Dial100, which meets these requirements, has a centralised control room integrated with IT enabled surveillance system with Operation and Maintenance services being provided by KritiKal for a period of three years. The special feature of the system is that it provides a dashboard facility to the senior police officers, where they can see different daily, weekly and monthly reports.

The Dial-100 system has the following modules that interact with each other to operate as an integrated system: Call Taking and Dispatch, Communication, GIS and Automatic Vehicle Location modules. Further, the Dial-100 system facilitates the management of emergency procedures for the control room operators. The application automates all the aspects of the events such as: call taking and classification, Units Dispatching, Events Monitoring, Reporting and Statistical Analysis, Automatic Police Patrol Vehicle tracking, CCTV & Video Management System Integration with GIS, GIS Integration with Communication and Call-taking & Dispatch Module. These modules can also operate independently.

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