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Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Big Show, Big Business

International companies forge partnerships

Will Zong, Pre-sales Engineer, Shanghai Ruishi Machine Vision Tech Co Ltd: Roseek is a Shanghai based company providing machines and equipment which is a smart platform for ITS. Our products are mainly for speed enforcement and red light enforcement. The main feature of our camera is the stability which can operate at extreme temperature of -40 degree and even at +80 degree. It is an open source platform, and thus the user can embed their software into our camera. We met many potential clients because some of them had License Plate Recognition Software, and we can help them embed their software in our camera and give them total solution like speed enforcement including the ANPR function. It is not easy to find distributors and thus we were looking for partners who can implant soft technology to our camera. We did manage to get a few potential partners in India. Our clients are system integrators who co-ordinate with the government.
Wang Yunfeng, General Manager, Shenzhen Dianming Tech Co, Ltd: Dianming has installed almost 2000 VMS in 700 highways in China, and we also have LEDs. With the Indian government’s plan to install LEDs in a big way, we see this initiative as an opportunity to enter Indian market. We not only managed to meet our potential partners but also senior officials from the government departments giving us advice on the Indian Traffic market. We participated in the show for the first time and look forward to exhibit in the future shows as well.


Dai Coke, International Trade Manager, Jiangsu Guoqiang Zinc-Plating Ind Co Ltd: We are leading suppliers of highway crash barriers and ERW pipes. Indian market is growing very fast and we know that many new roads are in various stages of construction. So we found this would be right time to set foot. We are participating in this show for the first time, and found this show very fruitful. We managed to meet many potential buyers.



Tuomo Karjalainen, Marketing Manager, Noptel Oy: Noptel is a Finnish company dedicated to provide multiple applications for traffic control. Our sensors could be utilized for accurate speed measurements of vehicles on highways and municipalities. We had many visitors. We didn’t expect so many system integrators to be present in this show. We came looking for partners and system integrators who would utilize our laser sensor modules in their integrated traffic management systems. This is a very active an order for `72 lakhs, which gives us value addition of being in the Show. It brings in a whole lot of customer relationships along with more orders also. One of the biggest advantages of participating in the show is you get the right and specific audience. It is a very niche and specific platform where you know your target audience very well and we design around it.

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