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Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Big Show, Big Business

Anil Chhikara, Motor Licensing Officer – Transport Department, Delhi: I congratulate TrafficInfraTech for holding the most comprehensive Show for traffic in Delhi. This edition of the Show had many innovative products and systems on display, especially those in the ITS segment were very good. The stakeholders who came to the Show were not only interested in the infrastructure but also in the regulatory part. This will help the government in regulation and enforcement policies related to mobility. I am sure Shows like this will go a long way in making the transportation system in India one of the best in the world.

V B Gadgil, Chief Executive & Managing Director of L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd: Evidently, infrastructure is a fundamental foundation for economical growth of any country and mobility has become an essential requirement. Because of the increased urbanization, it is even more important as more people have to travel. Without smart mobility systems, we tend to lose not only on the efficiency of the people but also on the very expensive fuel. This is one of the reasons that transport and smart mobility have become extremely important. A Show like this creates a lot of awareness, brings all the concerned agencies together and offers a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Balraj Bhanot, Management Consultant, Chairman TEDC (BIS) and Former Director ARAI: TrafficInfraTech Expo and Conference is the most relevant place to express and exhibit the latest in traffic technology. The participation by the government departments on a larger scale and that of schools and hospitals would further enhance the Show.



O P Shemar, Advisor, National Highways Authority of India: The Expo was very helpful in terms of finding relevant agencies/companies who could provide barriers and other road safety products. It is a great Show to witness some of the latest technologies in traffic.
Anil Agarwal, Additional Director General of Police- Traffic- Uttar Pradesh: It was worth visiting the Expo. It covered a wide range of products in hardware, software and the system integrators for traffic, transport and parking management. We were able to pick up some of the new and innovative ideas from the show. Uttar Pradesh is coming up with big projects on traffic in the next three years. We are now implementing ITMS in 15 cities of the State. I stand to benefit out of my exposure to this exhibition, and sure even the exhibitors would be interested in our projects. There were many exciting products and systems, which we are planning to implement in the design of the existing system.


A V Ranganath, DCPTraffic, Hyderabad City: It was a very interesting Show as like-minded people from same field congregate, share their ideas and discussed new thought processes. Not just the Show, even the conference was quite informative.

It was an enriching experience to see the latest in traffic technology and more specifically in Video Analytics. We get video feeds from 355 cameras placed across the city on a regular basis. This information is unusable, if not analyzed properly. One can find standard technology like automated red light violations and ANPR everywhere, but the technology can help in identifying the violations.

Platforms like these are very much required to learn about new technology and implement them in the respective field areas. The active participation of Municipal Corporations or those who are involved in road building in such Shows is essential.

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