Saturday , 7 December 2019

Bilateral Cooperation between India-Russia

In order to develop and establish formal platform for cooperation in the Transport and Highways sector, a Memorandum-of -Understanding in the field of Road Transport and Road Industry has been jointly negotiated and finalized by India and Russia. Increased co-operation, exchange and collaboration with Russia will contribute to establish a long-term and effective bilateral relationship of communication and cooperation in road transportation, road industry and Intelligent Transport System (ITS). This will also help in planning and administration of road infrastructure & road network management, transport policy, technologies & standards for the construction and operation of highways in the country.

Russia has also developed technological solutions for satellite-based tolling solutions. Similarly, they have also adopted advanced intelligent traffic management systems including crash reporting/ monitoring systems.

Russia is keen to help India lay out an electronic toll collection system, which will run on satellite navigation technology and cover vehicles plying on highways across the nation. Moscow is offering to share its experience in implementing Platon, an electronic system to collect toll from transporters for plying trucks on the highways across Russian Federation. The Platon was introduced in Russia in 2015, is the largest electronic toll collection system in the world and it now covers over two million trucks – the ones with gross vehicle weight over 12 tons – plying on 50774km of federal highways.

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