Thursday , 29 October 2020

Body Cams for Kerala cops

The Kerala police is in the process of using high-tech cameras as part of its uniform to control traffic effectively with the help of live streaming and broadcast facilities. Some of the key features includes a touchscreen that allows the officials to send messages and pictures. It has infra-red facilities for better night vision, eight hours of battery back-up and 32 GB inbound memory. The recorded visuals and audio can be transferred to the control room using a 4G SIM card. The visuals can also be monitored by officials in the Police Control Room.

The cameras can keep a check on the official’s behaviour and conduct during vehicle checks, and law & order maintenance. A decoding unit has been set up at the PCR to enable the recorded footage to be downloaded onto the computer.

After the Delhi and Rajasthan police, Kerala police is the third in the country to implement this technology.

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