Saturday , 4 April 2020


Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt Ltd introduces a range of Breath Alcohol Analysers. Uniphos 395 is an advanced micro-processor based technology that can detect alcohol level between 0 to 500mg per 100ml of blood. The analyser is accurate, handy and easy to use. The on-boards memory can store up to 10000 test results along with time and date. It also has provision for computer and printer interface.


The Alcovisor Jupiter X features android 5.1, with built-in printer & GPS, 3G /WIFI and also captures picture. The 4.3” colour touch screen system provides evidential record by auto capturing while the subject is blowing on the breathanalyser.

The mouthpiece can be automatically ejected. Jupiter X can store 100,000 test records in its memory.

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