Saturday , 7 December 2019

Breath analysers, monitoring system for J & K police

Traffic police in Jammu and Kashmir will soon be equipped with breath analysers / Alco meters to take action against those who drink and drive. The drive is expected to begin by the New Year. The J & K Police is reportedly buying 30 breath analysers – handy or portable which will be run on inexpensive AA type batteries. These batteries last for at least 100 tests. The police is keen to use disposable one sided and hygienic (with non return value) straw as well to save costs. This, in turn, will be connected to a printer to take print outs of the reports.

In addition to this, the vehicles would be fitted with laser based range and speed monitoring system with an attached camera system, recording of violators speed, distance, date, time allowable speed limit and location with 128 bit data encryption, review of violation images including time, special camera mounting and adopter, etc.

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