Monday , 25 January 2021


Sustainable Development for Roads with Thin and Ultra Thin White Topping Overlays

In heavily populated metropolitan cities like Mumbai, keeping traffic on hold for a few days while repairing pavements with bitumen can be extremely frustrating for the enforcement agencies and the road users. Thin and ultra thin white topping can be suitable alternatives to bitumen to keep the traffic moving as they allow opening of the traffic lanes within 24 hours. A detailed look into the technology.

Contracting, construction and technology trends

Roads in India:? Today & Tomorrow Biren Parekh, Partner, Ernst and Young India Pvt Ltd, takes a detailed look at the tolling system in India vis-?-vis road infrastructure, trends and framework. He also compares the Indian situation with a few initiatives taken in a few countries. From Adam Smith to the late Herb Mohring, economists have waxed lyrical about congestion ...

State-of-the-Art or Fit-for-Purpose

Adopting state-of-the-art techniques just for personal vanity or CV building is likely to backfire in developing economies like India. India has quite different baseline conditions from western cities, more than simple quantitative differences in income levels and a different vehicle mix. Such differences must be borne in mind when determining ways to analyse the transport patterns for new transport infrastructure and policies, writes Richard Di Bona.

Bridging their Way to Success

A spectacular Infinity Loop Bridge will be gateway to China’s new commercial hub – Shizimen Central Business District in Zhuhai. 10 Design and Buro Happold overcame many a challenge to come up with a winning design that got them the contract for the bridge. Vidyottama Sharma brings you the details.

Selecting and using Modified Bituminous Binders In India

The current specifications and guidelines for the selection and use of different types of modified binders such as polymer modified bitumen and crumb rubber modified bitumen are inadequate. Prof Prithvi Singh Kandhal, Associate Director Emeritus of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), Auburn University, Alabama, USA argues that there is an immediate need to revise government policies by deleting the common specification table for all types of polymers and modifiers so that substandard PMB is not used in India. He also writes very interestingly on the journey of various types of bitumen

Allison Transmission Launches Production of 1000 and 2000 Series in Chennai

US-based Allison Transmission, the largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles and hybrid propulsion system for city buses, has begun production of the Allison 1000 and 2000 transmissions at its Chennai plant. For the last two years the Chennai plant has been manufacturing high-precision vehicular drive train components, while it also has served as ...

Mumbai on the move

While the various nodal agencies – MMRDA, MSRDC and MCGM – responsible to keep the metropolis on the move have tried their best (in varying and debatable proficiencies) to do exactly that – keep Mumbai moving – by undertaking and commissioning various new projects, the city’s travel woes haven’t eased much. But then, its commuting habits seem set to change now. In fact, they have changed to quite an extent. Only, the city bursting at its seams does not appear to be displaying these changes with the needed fervor. A look by Vidyottama Sharma at some of the projects that changed our daily travelling habits and those that are set to do so in the near future.

Public, Private Transport in South China’s Cities vs Mumbai

Ashok Datar, Chairman, Mumbai Environmental Social Network was in China recently to study its traffic rules and travel behaviour. Here, he compares Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shen Zhen with Mumbai and observes that we have a lot to learn from these three cities. When we think of congested cities, we think of Indian cities. It is a general perception in ...

Providing rural road connectivity Using GPS and GIS in Gujarat

The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, launched in 2000 to provide all-weather road connectivity in rural areas of the country, has got a big boost in Gujarat. GPS was used in the state to prepare a GIS database for implementing the Yojana in all its districts. Rajmohan Kurup gives a step-by-step account of how the database for roads was created.

On the Road to Recovery !

Road infrastructure is not a very positive terminology in India. Basically, because good roads can be counted on fingers, sick roads rarely get treated and new roads take a long time to conceive. How dismal is the picture? And what is the possibility of recovery? Vidyottama Sharma tries to find the answers.