Tuesday , 16 October 2018


Managing Hyderabad Traffic

Hyderabad’s vehicle density of 720 vehicles / km is the second largest in the country. When the Hyderabad police and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation decided to replace the 20-year-old standalone signals in 2011-2012, Bharat Electronics Limited won the contract to install automated and centrally controlled signals in 221 junction (180 existing + 41 new) in a phased manner. The scope ...

Intelligent traffic system gives-transparency in vehicular traffic system

Orderly traffic management system catches our eye whenever we visit the developed countries. However, in India, haphazard traffic movement is the order of the day even in the metropolitan cities, let alone the smaller cities or moffusil towns. More than the traffic management, India has the dubious distinction of being the nation where most of the traffic related fatalities happen. ...

Integrated Control Centre for Metros

What happens when a metro railway system is approved? Consider a case where a metro has three isolated lines ? Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3. The metro follows a distributed management and operational model with each line having its own signalling system. The three lines have different control centres and they operate in different manners. After approval, the ...

ITS Architecture can ensure sustainability

It defines ?what? must be done; not ?how? it will be done What is an ITS architecture? To know this, let us first try to understand the term architecture. We all know that ?architecture? is a framework within which a system can be built up. Functionally, it defines what the elements of the system do, the information that is exchanged ...

ANPR is a very useful tool in traffic management,enforcement,tolling and security

Information plays a major role of traffic management. I would like to share one of the technologies ? Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that helps to get a lot of information. In Delhi, the traffic condition is chaotic. As traffic congestion causes a huge loss financially. it is important to improve the traffic management system. ANPR can help to ensure ...

Getting ITS to work for you

If we ask the question what ITS is to three people in this expo, it is that there would be three different answers. Is it tracking buses through GPS? The answer would be, Yes, it is. Is Traffic signalling ITS? Yes. It is. Is Tolling system ITS? Yes. It is. Control rooms? They are also ITS. So how do you ...

ITS for Safer Roads

In tune with the guiding principles of Decade of Action on Road Safety, Intelligent Transport Systems can play a very important role in ensuring a safe system approach, writes Dr. Kamal Soi, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Road Safety Council.

Interview: Improving Integrated Traffic Infrastructure with ITS

An equal equity Joint venture of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi and IDFC Foundation, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS) provides Urban Transport Infrastructure Project Consultancy and Intelligent Transport System Solutions for Public Transport. In an interview with Trafficinfratech, DIMTS Managing Director and CEO S N Sahai talked about some of the recent ITS initiatives.




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