Thursday , 20 June 2019


Traffic alerts by sms in Pune

Pune traffic police have started a new traffic alert service for Pune’s residents. People can now get information on traffic jams, accidents or vehicle break-downs in the city via sms. For that they need to subscribe to the special service by typing JOIN (space) PTP and sending it on 921952195. The citizens can opt out of the service just by ...

Automated Parking Systems A Growing Market In India

AutoPass India Ltd has introduced an exclusive ultrasonic state-of-the-art Parking Guidance System which helps motorists find the closest available parking from almost any location in a parking lot. Ajay Khanna, its Director for Sales & Marketing, speaks with TrafficInfraTech. How do your products improve parking management? There are a few things which a driver looks for in a parking lot: ...

TERMINAL 3 Guiding to park

Automated Parking Management and Guidance System at Terminal 3’s Multi Level Car Parking help a motorist enter, park, pay and exit the parking area within five minutes. Vidyottama P Sharma has the details.

Seminars at the Expo They came, they discussed, they showed the way…

While exhibitors were busy handling the rush of visitors at their stalls, subjects of highway and urban traffic management and safety were being discussed in detail at seminars held side by side on the second and third days of TrafficInfraTech Expo. Experts discussed various related issues in depth and also took serious questions from the audience.

ITS paves the way in Canada

The pace of ITS technology deployment in Canada is increasing steadily. The Canadian Government, under the $2.1 billion Gateways and Border Crossings Fund (GBCF) programme, has allocated $400 million for the construction of new access roads, equipped with state-of-the-art ITS technologies for surveillance, real-time traveller information, fully-automated border clearance and commercial vehicle operation system technologies.

Vehicle Safety: It’s time for a revolution!

A revolution is taking place in Pedestrian Protection. While immense research is on in passive and active safety, it is important to accomplish new tests scenario where preventive safety systems are allowed to be kept in active crash tests

Bangalore does it with Blackberry

Today, nearly 50 major works related to surface transport are going on in Bangalore city - flyovers, underpasses, road widening and Metro work. Roads have been dug up for laying water sewerage pipe lines or power / telephone cables along 60km, which has affected 80 junctions. There are 70-80 junctions with traffic diversions. The number of vehicles on the roads has reached 35 lakh of which 75% are two-wheelers. There are 40,000 intersections of which at least 1000 require constant monitoring. Topping all these is the shortage of the police personnel. Yet, under the leadership of Praveen Sood, the Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, the Bangalore City Traffic Police has been keeping the city very much ‘under control’. Sood spoke with TrafficInfraTech’s Editor-in-Chief Mangala Chandran on the City’s Traffic Management Centre (TMC) and the adoption of technology to collect, process and disseminating traffic data.




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