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Wednesday , 17 August 2022

Traffic Management

Driving Simulators Transforming Drivers’ Training

Driving schools in India are increasingly using driving simulators as a part of their training programme for prospective drivers. Simulators provide many advantages over traditional training and need only an instruction vehicle and instructor. With the increasing number of road accidents and fatalities in India, the role of drivers and their mistakes leading to accidents has come increasingly under scrutiny. ...

Managing Traffic and Tackling Safety during Highway Construction

Many traffic stalwarts from India and abroad discussed one of the most important issues of construction on highways – “Traffic Management and Safety during Highway Construction” – on the first day of TrafficInfraTech Expo 2012. The precautions for, challenges of and solutions to the issue were discussed in detail.

Area traffic control system Improving Traffic in the island city

Fully commissioned in August 2011, the Mumbai ATC project has transformed the conventional signaling system on the City roads into a real-time computer controlled one. The project won the award for the Best ITS system implemented in 2011 from the Government of India. TrafficInfraTech gives the details.

Public, Private Transport in South China’s Cities vs Mumbai

Ashok Datar, Chairman, Mumbai Environmental Social Network was in China recently to study its traffic rules and travel behaviour. Here, he compares Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shen Zhen with Mumbai and observes that we have a lot to learn from these three cities. When we think of congested cities, we think of Indian cities. It is a general perception in ...

MediaTunnel A real-time Traffic Incident Detection System

MediaTunnel, a real-time traffic incident detection system introduced a few months ago, was recently installed for the first time outside Europe – in the Reboucas tunnel of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A real-time traffic detection system enables efficient dispatching of emergency services and rescue teams, and facilitates in reducing the response time to traffic incidents and accidents. Results of MediaTunnel’s functioning in the city’s longest tunnel have been impressive.

Portable Variable Message Signs Why does India need them?

Mobility challenges all over the world can be addressed by strategies like managed lanes and active traffic management. These are cost-effective methods of prolonging the life and maximising the efficiency of the infrastructure which, in turn, can postpone the need for major expansion projects.

Building a case for Suburban Park & Ride – Where and how much?

Demand for Park & Ride is not expected to manifest itself unless the right infrastructure is put in place. Assessing the right amount of parking required for such facilities is the key and it is important that the methods required for such assessment are made use of, however complex or intractable they might seem. Vikas Sharma, Principal Transport Planner, PTV ...

Making Indian cities liveable through A Good Parking Policy

Global experience shows that when parking policy is designed as a travel demand management tool, it reduces car usage, congestion, air emission and fuel usage. Anumita Rowchowdhury, Executive Director of Centre for Science and Environment, writes on these issues and more. A proper parking policy can address mobility crisis in Indian cities where cars are edging out public transport, walking ...

Using enforcement technology to win The casualty reduction battle

At a time when many nations are still debating the proper demployment of technology for traffic management and safety on the roads, Britain has shown that proper use of cameras can significantly lower casualties. This proves that the hesitant utilisation of technologies needs to be replaced with focused strategies on an urgent basis. BRITAIN’S roads are among the safest in ...