Friday , 20 September 2019


Impact of 3D Visualisation and Mixed Reality

In today’s world, with dynamically changing economic and political synergies around the globe, infrastructure investments and decision making has become critically challenging. With several questions in mind such as, how can you predict the human behaviour towards an infrastructure which is not yet built? How to manage the traffic issues in the current scenario and plan in a way that ...

Revamping of Indian Transport Sector

Urban areas and regional transportation play a catalysing role in economic growth of the Country. The Government of India and respective urban local bodies have designed its policies, programs and projects towards improving the liveability of its citizens in urban India and enhancing the efficiency of regional transportation of people and goods through leveraging the technological advancements. Over the last ...

ITS in Indian Road Safety

Unscientifically designed signal timings tempt the drivers for red jumping either due to inadequate green time or unacceptable red time. Re-timing signals in frequent interval is not a practical proposition. Implementations of vehicle actuated signal controllers possess greater challenges due to the nonlane based driving and highly heterogeneous traffic. The researches funded by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, ...

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