Wednesday , 26 February 2020

Future Mobolity

EV Chargers Designed & Made in India, & Made for India

Being in the business of providing clean energy solutions is not an easy task in India. However, Magenta Power is working on identifying India-specific challenges and providing solutions, especially for EV charging and battery swapping. When Magenta Power commenced its EV charging operation in India, no one thought the kind of disruption it would bring to the fore. Known for ...

High-Speed Rail: A sea of opportunities for Indian Industry

The first High-Speed Rail (HSR) project in India, i.e., Mumbai- Ahmedabad HSR, is moving forward at a steady pace, and it is time for all of us to concentrate our energy into turning this project in a success story. The first system of HSR will undoubtedly be based on Japanese technology. However, for the HSR to deliver on its promises ...

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