Monday , 17 June 2019


Impact Attenuators

Avantech Engineering, India offers TRACC and REACT range of Impactor Attenuators from Trinity Highway Products, USA. Both these impactor attenuators are crash tested and meet the requirements of NCHRP-350 for TL-3, (speeds up to 100 kmph) and conform to the MORTH and IRC specifications. REACT is a self-restoring crash cushion that automatically recovers to its position after an impact requiring ...

ANPR cameras

Vista EnVES series ANPR camera with EnpLATE III is a compact, elegant and high-performance IP-based license plate recognition system by Aabmatica Technologies Pvt Ltd. The system can detect plates of the incoming vehicles without the use of induction coils or other sources of external input. Identification for plates is available in multiple English fonts. Based on cutting edge algorithms, PLATEmatica ...

Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd

Trolley Based Portable Wireless Traffic Signal   The portable traffic signal works on radio communication (RF) and does vehicle detection through radar or video vehicle detection. It has multiple timing plans as well as manual operation. The entire inter section signaling communicates on wireless media and avoids the need to dig up roads.

Came India Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd

PS One Automatic system for multi-level parking with web-based technology and Ethernet interface. Modular solution specially designed to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large automated parking areas. Uses web-based technology, can read and recognise international license plates. Records HD images of the four sides of the vehicle, can read 2D barcodes from prints and mobile devices. Versatile ...

Secure Parking Solutions Pvt Ltd

Smart Parking Management System Developed over a period of more than 20 years and one of the few solutions developed by a car park operator. Manufacturing base is indigenous, leading to lower cost and faster services. Centralized control and processing of all car park related transactions. Maintenance of accounting and administration protocols. Revenue control functions like a blind cashiering that ...


Parking Guidance System Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) includes Variable Message Sign (VMS) displays at various locations leading to parking facilities. Provides real-time parking availability information. All parking information and related data gathered, stored and displayed to motorists electronically. Guides motorists to transit station parking facilities through a demand-responsive state-of-the-art communications system. Manages existing parking stock by directing motorists to areas ...




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