Sunday , 24 January 2021

Products / Systems

Divya Industries

Automatic Multilevel Car Parking System The 18m X 25m system can accommodate 100 cars in 5 floors (20 cars per floor, has less maintenance and operating cost while being safe, secure & environment friendly. It is ideal for shopping malls, offices, IT parks, pay and park, apartments and townships.

Delta India Electronics Pvt Ltd

DLP Video wall The high resolution DLP Video walls are the back bone of thousands of command and control centers around the globe. These video walls have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding control room environments and have become a vital tool for collaborative monitoring and decision making.

Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd

Trolley Based Portable Wireless Traffic Signal   The portable traffic signal works on radio communication (RF) and does vehicle detection through radar or video vehicle detection. It has multiple timing plans as well as manual operation. The entire inter section signaling communicates on wireless media and avoids the need to dig up roads.

GARD 3 Road Barrier

Gard 3 barrier with 24 volt operation is especially suited for managing quick passages in public parking facilities, hospitals, motor ways, and where maximum performance is required in terms of opening speed and intensive use that lets you through much more quickly. Encoder-based electronic management for obstacle detection and movement control. Display for viewing functions control of safety devices. Has both ...

Pedestrian entrance turnstile

It is designed for passage selection in high-traffic areas. Stainless steel construction makes it ideal for marine, subway and railway stations; plus sports facilities areas and wherever people flows need to be regulated, while optimizing entrance and exit operations.  

Came India Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd

PS One It is an automatic system for multi-level parking with web-based technology and Ethernet interface. This modular solution is specially designed to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large automated parking areas. Uses web-based technology, can read and recognise international license plates. Records HD images of the four sides of the vehicle, and can read 2D barcodes from prints ...

Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System improves traffic flow and guides vehicles properly to vacant parking spaces, thus providing a comprehensive car park management system and improves customer satisfaction. It utilizes space extremely efficiently, including slots in remote areas. It has low power consumption – a power source of 5 amperes can light  up to 100 lamp indicators  

Secure Mobile Gate

Secure mobile gate has a mobile parking application for Google Android devices. It maintains, tracks and processes the transactions through vehicle registration numbers. The system can be paired with a bluetooth thermal ticket printer. Users can carry out online transactions over Wi-Fi and GPRS. The system is a flexible and low cost system which is easy to operate and provides user level authentication. An optional facility is ...

Secure Parking Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ticket Dispens Ticket dispenser facilitates quick transactions with processing times as low as as 0.9 seconds. It allows customer to interact audibly and provides a web based reporting portal. Members are allowed smart card access while others users and clients are provided authenticated access.  

DataCorp Pvt Ltd

Traffic Data Collection Datacorp provides Traffic Counting using Videos, Automatic Traffic Counters, Bluetooth Tracking, Surveys of all kinds – Pedestrian & NMU, Origin – Destination using ANPR, Journey Time, Parking, Public Transport– Bus, Rail, Taxis, Autos and Aviation, Driver Behaviour and Speed Surveys. Transportation Consulting The company’s international transportation consulting services is in partnership with UK’s major transportation consulting firms. ...