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Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Traficon VIP-IPVideo Detection Solution Video Image Processing (VIP) module used for traffic monitoring, automatic incident detection and traffic data collection. Can connect to a broad range of IP cameras, supporting both MPEG-4 and new H.264 video compression schemes. Provides real-time data and image information for optimal traffic control and fast, accurate incident detection. Instant operator warning, logging and recording of ...

B D Industries

Metro Barricade Plastic barricade of 6ft x 6ft widely used in structuring wall-like barricading on the road. Made of plastic, overcomes all problems of a conventional steel barricade such as immovability, maintenance, severe damage in case of accidents and traffic jams while shifting. Water filled barricade meets all the required specifications and provides excellent safety.

Stalker Radar / Applied Concepts, Inc

CCTV Speed Sensor Monitors speed of vehicles at commercial facilities and overlays speed data on existing video surveillance systems. Choice of NTSC or PAL output signal through 2 BNC jacks. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Stalker LIDAR LR The latest speed enforcement laser in the Stalker line of police speed measurement devices. Includes hand-held and in-car radars.     ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Traffic Statistics Sensor Monitors ...

Dark Eye

Portable Barricade Made from superior quality HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). Two circular, highly reflective 100mm diameter tape stickers pasted to give best reflectivity during night. Lightweight and dynamically designed. Available in different colours as per requirement. Can be filled with water at its base level. Can be installed in straight or curved shape as per requirement. UV stabilised for ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Kistler EzBox Type 5275A Traffic Data Logger Is connected to Lineas WIM sensors. Calculates key vehicle data such as axle load, gross vehicle weight, vehicle speed and number of axles. High weighing accuracy of better than five percent. Wide speed range – from 1kmph to 200kmph. Wide temperature range (-20˚C to 5˚C). Measures axle load up to 50 tonnes. Also ...

Efstronics Systems Pvt Ltd

Wireless Road Traffic Signal System Eliminates road trenching and physical cabling between traffic signals. Does synchronisation between the junctions. Maintains standard time and duration in a sequence. Works even during power supply failures. Maintains hour-wise and day-wise sequences in a week. Three in one Lamp.  

MetroCount Pty Ltd

MetroCount 5600 Stores information of every axle of a vehicle to give reliable vehicle volume, speed and classification data. Easily replaceable alkaline battery packs allow continuous surveys of around 290 days, even longer with less frequent use. All MetroCount roadside units include a free copy of MetroCount’s windows based Traffic Executive software.

Avery Dennison

V-9700 Conspicuity Tape Designed for school buses, farm equipment and other slow moving vehicles. Composed of a single layer construction that does not require edge sealing. Approval markings are sub-surface printed; markings do not wear from regular abrasion or cleaning, ensuring compliance with vehicle inspection. Meets industry standards such as ASTM, FMVSS, NTSP and ANSI/ASAE. Available in white, yellow and ...

MassTrans Systems (P) Ltd

D-Cam A cost-effective, accurate, fast and data-secure solution with automatic speed verification which can be used for both speed violation and red-light violation detection. Can be connected to different sensor technologies and used at both mobile and permanent sites. Uses a unique secondary speed verification method through which the primary speed measurement can be verified. Vehicle is always photographed in ...

Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

LTI 20-20 TruCam Measures speed, distance and GPS coordinates of passing vehicles and also calculates the travel time and distance between vehicles. All measurements are combined with a colour video recording and high resolution digital images. Has speed accuracy of +/- 1 mph and distance accuracy of +/- 6 inches. Speed range up to 200mph for approaching vehicles, and up ...




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