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Emergency Call Box

Encapsulated in locked, tamper-resistant GI, powder-coated enclosure. Enclosure can be painted in customised colours. Attempt to break open enclosure sounds an audio alarm and generates an event in the Central Control room. Provides full duplex conversation between user and control room operator. Control room operator can invoke conference mode and can include in conversation a third person/agency such as police ...


Road Security Guards Design, manufacture and installation of Crash tested road security guard rails according with EN 1317. Design, manufacture and installation of steel corrugated culverts and pipes.

RFID,Sensors and Scanners

Pepperl+Fuchs (India) Pvt Ltd. Proximity Sensors Inductive Sensors Reliable non-contact detection, designed for tough and hazardous industrial environments. Sensing ranges up to 100mm.   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Ultrasonic Sensors Long-range detection of all solid, liquid and granular targets. Sensing range up to 10m. Both discrete and analogue outputs. Special models for sheet, splice and label detection, and teflon-coated models for chemical resistance. ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Ultra Technologies Pvt Ltd ITS  solution Unicam® is the state-of-the-art and field-proven platform (hardware + software)  for creation of the multifunction ITS dedicated for the road traffic market sector, including traffic safety, operations and information. It includes video-detection and image processing software, intelligent (smart) cameras, real-time processing units, lighting units, application software, etc. for Weight-In-Motion System (UnicamWIM); Section Speed Control ...

Dura-Line India Pvt.Ltd.

FibreWaysTM A single pathway for Duct Utility Corridor along Highways – median or sideways. For Communication Cables, Water Pipes, Power Cables in Ducts. Designed to enable easy branching for future development along highways. Multiple Fiber optic ducts with cables  can serve wireless towers, FTTH Networks, Telecom exchanges and Highway Traffic Management requirements.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Turnkey HTMS Solutions Trenching, Duct Laying, ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd Traffic Study Solution Traffic study solution uses traditional manual traffic counting method as well as different traffic counters such as ATCC – Automatic Traffic Counters cum  Classifiers. ATCC uses latest technologies such as tube based traffic counters-cum-classifiers, loop & sensor based traffic counters-cum-classifiers and in-camera traffic counting using high resolution night vision infrared cameras.

Automatic Fare Collection System

MassTrans Systems (P) Ltd Automatic Fare Collection System Reliable on-board computer for buses, complete with a ticket printer, quick boarding control and a robust ticket vending terminal. Developed with open systems based on the ITSO, Calypso, VDV-KA and DAX standards. System has networking capabilities via WLAN, GSM or GPRS/UMTS. Operates using contact-less smart cards. Centralised architecture for directing information from ...

Estronics Systems Pvt Ltd

Bus Destination Display System Stores up to 150 routes with 150 stops on each route. GPS synchronisation. Synchronised audio-visual information inside bus. Multi-lingual display. Automatic Display Intensity Control. User-friendly software to download / modify / create route data in the console through the PC. User interface with LCD and keyboard in Console Unit for selecting the route name, stop name ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

i4 Traffic Research Pvt Ltd Traffic Survey Specialist Over 20 years of specialist experience. ISO 9000:2001 certified with best-practice methodologies. Offers Video-based Classified Turning Movement Counts, Automatic Traffic Counts, Speed Surveys, Journey Time Studies, Parking Surveys, Footfall Counts, Pedestrian Tracking Studies, Road Safety Audits, Queue Length & Saturation Surveys, Origin-Destination Interviews and Trip Generation Studies.

Metalmeccanica Fracasso India Pvt Ltd

Noise Barriers Also called Acoustic Barriers. Conform to the requirements of advanced European standards EN 1793 & 1794. Design derived from acoustic mapping and design study, a pre-requisite for an effective noise abatement solution. Effectiveness of noise barrier reflected in the IL (Insertion Loss) which represents the reduction of noise.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Metal Crash Barriers Made as per standards set ...

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