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WimXperT™ offers the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. Slow Speed Weigh-In-Motion Scale (SSWIM) can accurately weigh vehicles at speeds between 0 and 20km/h  (0 and 12mph). Its low operation cost, ease of installation and high accuracy make it the ideal choice for checking truck weights, including axle compliance and bridge formula compliance.

Toll Management System

TollXperT™ is a flexible, secured, user-friendly and a very advanced system that include all the features regarding toll operation. The system is flexible for users, secured for data and user-friendly in terms of visualization. The prime objective of this system is to provide a high level security to the transaction data in order to avoid or minimize revenue leakage/pilferages. In ...

Electronic Toll Collections

ConnectXperT™ is a generally mature technology that allows for electronic payment of highway tolls. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via electromagnetic waves to exchange data between a terminal and an electronic tag attached to an object for the purpose of identification and tracking.

Highway Traffic Management System

HTMSXperT™ integrates multiple technologies to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Traffic Control center. HTMS is a comprehensive and scalable platform for transportation management solutions that offers intelligence, insight, and system-wide information integration. It provides centralized management of traffic operations by using data that is collected ...

VMS & Radar Speed Sign

VMS / DMS is an important equipment for monitoring and controlling system in both freeway and arterial road applications. These EN12966 certified signs give the traffic management center a powerful tool to improve traffic flow on busy expressways by displaying varied message. Based on the OEM specifications, Dianming can also make it as per the European and American standard. Radar ...

Traffic Intelligence Module

Traffic Intelligence Module (TIM) is a compact programmable hardware platform designed for use with traffic signal controllers. It comprises of a processor card and an I/O card. Users can load their own traffic control logic scripts written in Perl onto the processor. These scripts can access data from the traffic controller and detectors and drive outputs or send commands via ...

Traffic Intelligence Server

Traffic Intelligence Server (TIS) is a server based ITS solution designed to give power and flexibility to traffic managers in traffic operations and management. TIS can read real-time data from a wide array of ITS devices: vehicle and pedestrian detectors, traffic cameras and UTC and UTMC products. Moreover, adapters can be built on demand to from a wide variety of ...

Trolley Based Portable Wireless Traffic Signal

Portable traffic signals working on radio communication (RF), With Vehicle Detection through Radar or Video vehicle detection multiple timing plans and manual operation. The entire intersection signaling communicates on wireless media. Specially Designed for Construction / Traffic Diversion Site. Master Controller and up to 15 Slave Controllers. No Road Cutting required for Hume pipes/signal cable. Uses unlicensed 2.4GHz Band. Optimized ...

Traffic Enforcement

Jenoptik is a world leading supplier of enforcement technology with solutions to address every conceivable traffic enforcement requirement. It offers a complete range of enforcement technologies that can be used to identify and process traffic offences, including spot speed, average speed (P2P or section control), red light, speed on green and many more. Key to these capabilities is the wide ...

Variable Message Sign

Seewor product complies with EN12966 and compatible with TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS, MODBUS protocol. It has carried out self-developed control system to perform multi-functions like intelligent fault diagnosis, locol LCD monitor modular, and wide variety of communication option etc. Seewor also emphasize on the importance of facilitated maintenance & installation, reliable after-sales service and local support.

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