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Sunday , 1 August 2021

Smart City

Smart Cities: Replanning and Rethinking Mobility strategies

Smart Cities: “ Replanning and Rethinking Mobility strategies

These pandemic days are posing challenges to Smart Cities too. Traffic levels and mobility patterns can alter, as digital transformation takes hold. What are the challenges? We have here the views of Raj Cherubal, CEO, Chennai Smart City and Sameer Bhatnagar, Partner- Transport& Logistics, KPMG, India Contrary to what may be expected in the era of social distancing, it is ...

Nagpur Smart City Improving the quality of life

You had recently stated that you want Nagpur to be mapped as an eco-friendly and all-inclusive smart city. What are the plans leading to this vision? The Smart City proposal sought to develop Nagpur a truly inclusive city by removing the dichotomous growth and enhance the city’s profile by improving the quality of life in vulnerable areas to bring them ...

Layers of Smartness for Cities

City Surveillance Use of CCTV system with the help of video analytics is very important for enhancing safety and security in the city. The system helps to support police to maintain law and order, acts as an aid to investigation, improve traffic management, monitor unlawful activities and helps protect life and property. Command control centre All camera feeds shall be ...