Monday , 17 June 2019

Urban Design

Shared Mobility for Liveable Cities

Using real data about how people move in a mid-sized European city, ITF researchers developed a sophisticated computer model of urban mobility. They then replaced all trips in private cars with travel in shared six-seater taxis and taxi-buses with either eight or 16 seats. They also set the parameters with strict limits on the waiting time and on the detour ...

Addressing Mobility Challenges in Hill Cities

Endowed with natural beauty and hilly terrain, the state Mizoram shares 404kms long border with Myanmar (Burma) in the East, and 318kms long with Bangladesh in the West making it a strategic location for international trade. The hills are a perfect holiday destination. However, when it comes to urban mobility, the challenges are quite enormous. With special focus to the ...

Redeveloping Bus Ports

Mumbai’s Parin Shah Architects has been appointed to design a transit oriented development (TOD) master plan for four major cities of Gujarat. Architect Parin Shah deciphers the details of TOD which is still a fairly new concept in India, and takes us through his Gujarat projects. Transit oriented design is a new upcoming sustainable approach to planning large spaces. The ...

Ahmedabad Toll Plaza

Archohm design studio, having begun its journey into the domain of architectural practice with a toll plaza projects, has now become an authority on this uncommon typology of the built environment.  The latest in line is the Ahmedabad-Vadinagar-Maliya toll plaza. Principal Architect Sourabh Gupta, Director of the firm briefs. In the state of Gujarat, archohm was commissioned to design eleven ...

The Bombay Greenway

An innovative proposal of a linear urban park above the railways in Mumbai by Abraham John Architects is the winner of the International Urban Planning & Urban Design Competition-Velo-City 2013, Austria. The Mumbai based design firm principal architects, Alan Abraham & Abraham John used a combination of architectural design and geospatial tools to create a schematic design that can dramatically ...




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