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Saturday , 29 January 2022

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Smart Transportation Sector

Securing Highways and Tunnels

Today video surveillance technology has evolved to such level that even in the Tunnel and with artificial light, highest optimum image and videos can be captured. Also Emergency call box can be installed in different part of tunnel, in case of any panic situation, it can be used. Through fiber connectivity tunnel or highway can be monitored through the command and control center.

Hikvision DarkFighter PTZ Cameras and Video Incident detection systems can help to achieve efficiency in highway management; the command center will come to know which vehicle is taking wrong route. It will also help detect which vehicle is parked for longer period. It can monitor and detect any pedestrian crossing the highway.

Application Cases

Hikvision has helped the Haining Public Safety Bureau in China to build a public safety information system based on a big data analytics infrastructure. The bureau now relies on this new technology to transform police roles and services. Without increasing its staff, the bureau is able to become more productive as the information system helps deal with traffic monitoring, solve many criminal cases and enhance overall law enforcement effectiveness.

We have successfully implemented various customized solutions for different projects across the country. Hikvision solutions for transportation sector are getting good response from the end-users. Some of the significant Railway projects implemented by Hikvision are Integral Coach Factory and Modern Coach Factory, Railway Coaches and Western Railway (CCTV in Ladies Coaches in Mumbai locals). In the Public Transport segment he spearheaded various projects, including Haryana State Road Transport, Naya Raipur BRTS and Jabalpur City Bus Service. We had developed and implemented a special solution of vehicle mounted PTZ for Karnataka State and Assam Police patrolling vehicles.

IoT Driven Security Solutions

According to a recent NASSCOMDeloitte research report The Internet of Things – Revolution in Making, India is a rapidly growing hub for IoT solutions with market value expected to be US$9 billion, and an installed unit base of $1.9 billion by 2020. In terms of revenue, Transportation & Logistics is expected to drive industry specific IoT to reach $491 billion by 2020.

The rail transportation is one of the early adopters of IoT and big data technology trends. Devices and sensors along the tracks and inside stations have helped enhance operators’ situational awareness and keep the rail system secure. But more and more, operators are relying on data to optimize business too.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, India is moving towards a Metro network of more than 700 kilometers within the next few years and that the government had the vision to have Metro systems in 50 cities in the country in the days to come. Today 425 kilometers of Metro lines are operational in 10 cities.

Indian Metro Rail Companies are managing and monitoring Video Surveillance Data Feeds, Turnstile Entrance Access Control Data, X- Ray baggage Scanners, Door Metal Frame detectors (DFMD) and Hand Held Metal detectors (HHMD) systems very efficiently. Further to Physical Security Systems, Big Data and IoT innovations can bolster security in the India’s fast growing Indian Metro Rail Network.

The Big Data and IoT can help Metro Rail companies to enhance the safety and security of Metro stations by setting-up video analytics to monitor traffic flow, around the station, monitoring the number of people coming through the ticket barriers, or waiting in line at the ticket window. In case of sudden and unexpected surge in the number of commuters on Metro Station can be detected in real-time and extra security personnel can be deployed for the crowd management, which can prevent cases of chaos and stampede.

With the help of information leads and data sets, Metro Rail station managers can quickly adjust their staffing in realtime to ensure customers are served as quickly as possible.

Metro Rail stations can enhance efficiency with the help of IoT solutions. Data collected from Metro Rail station turnstiles and entrances, can help the operator redeploy or redirect trains. Sensors detecting a change in temperature can trigger airconditioning. The available structured data can be later harnessed for commercial purposes.

Security Solutions for Metro Rail and Railways

India is witnessing a fast paced growth and expansion in the MRTS (Metro Rail) segment. Metro Rail transit safety is absolutely critical. Passengers must be kept safe at all times, especially during unexpected events. Protecting citizens from violence, theft, crime, and the intentional targeting of public facilities requires the right tools. When an incident occurs, authorities need to take action and make the right decisions. A high performance, high definition and highly reliable surveillance system is essential.

The introduction of IoT and big data can enable surveillance systems to perform logical processing and intelligent video analytics, enhancing the usability of data and reducing response latency.

Smart Rail Transit Solution by Hikvision equips Metro Rail with everything necessary to ensure the highest level of surveillance technology. This solution includes a powerful, dedicated, on-board recorder with an expansive storage capacity and complete data protection. Compact on-board cameras with high-megapixel resolution, IR visibility, and Smart IP cameras protect station perimeters.

We at Hikvision have designed a dedicated all–in-one solution for Metro Rail Security requirements. The comprehensive Hikvision Metro Rail Security solution includes the following components:

• Coach Surveillance Based Mobility Products
• Latest CCTV cameras for Platforms
• Advanced Storage Products
• Entry and Exit Artificial Intelligence Cameras
• Deep Learning based Analytics and value added features
• Access Control
• Boom Barriers
• UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System)
• Body Worn Cameras

Hikvision’s latest video surveillance products offer the latest Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies. We also have Push Technology, which enables live data feed at the command center to bolster the cause of security and safety in the Metro Rail networks.

Hikvision is a global leader in providing innovative video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision advances core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning. The company extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision.


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