Saturday , 21 September 2019

Connected Transportation

How do your hardware and software solutions complement each other?

When we asked our end-customers about the major challenges in security, we found out that we can’t solve them with products alone. Software is the key to effective solutions. We have 16 in-built analytics addressing the concerns of the customers, such as detecting loitering, line crossing and idle objects. Our systems automatically categorizes images into persons, bikes, cars and tracks and apply filters such as size, speed, colour and direction of movement. When customers purchase our solutions, they also get this software suite along with the hardware suite to address these challenges.

How is the response to your products?

We have a very dominant market share in Metro Projects. Our systems are already in place in Metro systems around the world. With domain expertise and best in class solutions we are now venturing into railways and ports as well.

Airports require a different set of solutions because of their unique requirement. Our solutions currently service reputed International Airports across the Globe.

What about your building security solutions?

Our systems are IP-driven and are on open platforms, hence our products can be configured to many potential applications and can fit into any vertical. We serve the Government sector by adapting our security solutions for critical government buildings. Our solutions protect numerous projects of strategic importance across the country.

We also secure commercial buildings, hotels, malls, schools, universities and high-end residences. For stadiums and entertainment applications, we have a brand called Electro Voice, under which we promote professional range of speakers and amplifiers. Defence is also an important vertical for us.

With the impetus that the Smart City Mission has received in the last four-five years, we are working closely with a Smart City project in India. This will help not just us, but many businesses to grow.

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