Tuesday , 25 February 2020

Data Logger

Switzerland based Kistler Group’s WIM Data Logger is a processing unit specifically designed to interface with Kistler’s Lineas WIM sensors. It allow customers to monitor traffic real-time and to gather key vehicle data, such as vehicle weight & imbalance, axle loads & distances, vehicle speed & driving behavior and much more.

The key is enhanced conditioning and processing of the Lineas WIM sensors signals to achieve the best weighing accuracy from low to high speeds with the highest reliability. The data logger can easily be integrated by the system integrator into its overall system for a customized solution according to the needs of the enduser. The Lineas WIM sensors can be directly connected to the WIM data logger. Additionally, there are various digital inputs and outputs to interface peripheral devices such as loop cards, light curtains, traffic signals, cameras triggers, barriers etc.

The WIM Data Logger is available in versions with four or eight channels to monitor one or two traffic lane (s) and is capable of OIML certified operation. A modern web interface enables the customer to easily set up and calibrate the WIM site. Vehicle data is stored locally and can either be accessed through the web interface or retrieved real time by the customer control unit.


Due to high measuring accuracy over a wide speed range and the ability to interface different external devices the WIM Data logger can be used for several applications.

• Traffic data collection (e.g. statistics)

• Enforcement (pre-selection of overload vehicles)

• Weight-based toll collection (manual or automatic)

• Overload detection for bridge protection

• Weight monitoring at harbours, mines or other industrial facilities

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