Friday , 19 July 2019

Delhi Metro cards to be valid in 250 buses

According to Delhi Transport Minister the Delhi Metro cards will be valid in 250 select city buses from April 1. The move is part of a month-long trial to shift to a ‘Common Mobility Card’ which could be used to travel in Metro, Delhi Transport Corp (DTC) buses and cluster buses in the capital. The 250 buses would be rolled out in all city buses by April 1.

By tapping the Metro card on an Electronic Ticketing Machine or ETM in a bus, a ticket would be generated, which would also reveal the balance in the passenger’s Metro card. Currently, ETMs are used by conductors in buses to issue tickets. The money deducted from commuters’ Metro cards will go to Delhi Metro Rail Corp (DMRC), which currently issues the Metro cards. The money will be later transferred to the Delhi government, which has the RBI’s permission.

Commuters would be able to purchase and recharge these cards at all Metro stations, railway stations, airports, Inter State Bus Terminals (ISBTs) and DTC bus pass counters. The government had been carrying out unofficial trial runs for the past two months to resolve different issues.