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Tuesday , 26 October 2021

Delhi to be decongested

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced three mega road projects that will benefit Delhi by reducing traffic congestion and pollution levels.

Forming a ring around the National Capital Region (NCR), the Eastern (connecting Kundli, Ghaziabad and Palwal) and the KMP (Kundli, Manesar and Palwal) Western Peripheral Expressways were conceived almost a decade ago to ensure that non-destined commercial vehicles, which are estimated to be more than 80,000, do not enter the city. The projects remained stalled due to different reasons.

However, the Manesar-Palwal Section is expected to be completed by January 2016. Once the KMP Expressway is operational, vehicles coming from north India onto National Highway-1 and going towards Rajasthan and Gujarat can get on the expressway and take the National Highway-8 at Manesar. Similarly, those driving towards central and south India can take National Highway-2 at Palwal. The industrial and the real estate sectors, which had taken a major hit due to the delay, are also expected to revive with the road becoming operational. It is also expected to improve connectivity to the domestic and international airports.

The project of widening of the Delhi- Panipat section of NH-1, will cover a length of 70km. It will include 23 minor junctions, five vehicular underpasses, 72 culverts, 78 bus bays, 10 flyovers, 17 minor bridges and one toll plaza. It will also have two lane service roads on both sides with a total length of 141km.

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