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Editors Page FEBRUARY – MARCH 2017

Mangala Chandran

One of the main components of the integrated development of India’s smart cities in the making is Smart Traffic & Transport. In fact this is the main focus, as facilitating the movement of citizens within the city via transport network is necessary to a city’s economical and social growth. Indian Smart Cities in the making have to design their own comprehensive mobility plan taking into consideration the existing infrastructure, the scope for expansion, future growth potential and the social & cultural practices of the region. In this issue we bring to you an account of how Surat is making headway by putting in place integrated multi-modal transit network with multi-modal transit hubs and single ticket service.

This issue is also looking into the current status of adopted traffic control systems in India and the challenges in getting optimum results from the technology. Unlike many global cities where ATCS works effectively in reducing congestion, India has certain inherent issues like unpredictable traffic density, non-standardization of number plates and diverse driving patterns. There is a range of technologies available and the effectiveness comes from the right choice of technology and equipment.

Everyone agrees that India is facing serious negative impacts on the road safety front. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has turned to multiple agencies including business houses and particularly to OEMs. While safety features are mandatory in motor vehicles, the car manufactures also have to walk that extra mile to train the drivers and create awareness. Senior officials from some of the leading automobile companies telling us about their safety initiatives forms one of the many informative articles we have in this issue.

As the Smart Mobility event – TrafficInfraTech Expo and Parking InfraTech – is coming closer, we see enthusiasm and interest growing. The Show in September will have interactive sessions on new mobility facilitated by national and international experts.

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