Friday , 5 June 2020

Efficient Safety Solutions for Road and Rail

Modern sensors ensure that road and rail transportation routes are efficient, safer and more nvironmentally friendly

Modern traffic management on road, rail and sea routes is geared towards safety, efficiency and a good environmental balance. Rugged sensor solutions provide reliable control and monitoring systems for transportation applications. Laser measurement systems classify vehicles as part of the road toll system, automation light grids reliably detect people at train door systems, and dust measuring devices and gas analyzers measure pollutant concentrations in tunnel areas. An overview of the role of sensors in providing safety solutions for the road and rail sectors.

Road Safety Solutions

Red light monitoring

When a vehicle travels over the stop line of a traffic light on a red, a picture is taken immediately to document the violation. A laser measurement sensor detects vehicles behind the stop line quickly and reliably even across multiple lanes. The sensor then sends a signal to trigger the camera.

Since this sensor is not sensitive to environmental influences such as rain, snow or sleet, false alarms are virtually eliminated. Using the time-offlight principle, the sensor cannot be manipulated by external radiation sources, mirrors, etc. The laser measurement sensor is easily and inexpensively mounted above the road. Compared to using induction loops, this solution has the advantage that no new loops have to be laid when resurfacing the road.

Detection of high vehicles,including lane detection

Over height detection sensors can detect vehicles whose height exceeds prescribed standards. A laser measurement sensor together with the Over height detection sensor can be used to identify the lane in which the particular vehicle is travelling, ensuring only the lane concerned needs to be shut down. Compared to other technologies, this solution allows a much more accurate adjustment of the monitored area to the width of the lane. However, exceptions for antennas and other small objects must be made. The over-height detector features a corrosion-proof housing that can be used in and around tunnel systems in harsh atmospheres. A large light spot and high light reserve via the transmitter / receiver principle allow use even in poor weather conditions. Plus, its immunity to ambient light ensures false alarms are avoided.

Detection of trucks at risk of fire

Vehicles at risk of fire must be detected and diverted before entering a tunnel. A Vehicle Hot Spot Detector combines 3D data from a laser measurement sensor and temperature data from infrared cameras to identify and check for individual temperature limits of vehicle components. The testing is 100% continuous, which ensures traffic is unaffected.

Detection of vehicles transporting hazardous materials

Knowing the number and type of vehicles transporting hazardous materials in a tunnel is important for traffic safety. An infrared camera recognizes the hazardous materials placard based on its shape and reads its content. An integrated Traffic Information Collector also records the 3D profile for analysis of possible positions of the hazardous material placard. This ensures the read rate is increased considerably and misinterpretations are avoided.

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