Saturday , 31 October 2020

Enforcer Speed Camera System

The Enforcer Speed Camera System from Logix ITS works upon unique time of flight (LEDDAR) technology. It automatically detect vehicles in multiple lanes and issues automated challan/tickets to speed violators by email and text messages within minutes of the violation. It does not require any human intervention.

Benefits of Speed Camera

• Speed cameras have been proven to reduce speeds
• Reduced over-speeding decreases the number of fatal road accidents
• Penalizing drivers for speeding, benefits the economy
• Quality of life improves when speed limits are observed.
• Speed Camera Specifications


• 16 Beam IR detection and ranging technology
• Capable of providing efficient and precise multi target tracking
• Precise Speed Calculation
• Works in all-weather conditions (fog, snow, intense heat, cold, day and night)
• Low Power consumption
• Easy installation
• Automatic E-challan

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