Monday , 25 May 2020

Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd

Trolley Based Portable Wireless Traffic Signal

This portable traffic signal works on radio communication (RF), and does vehicle detection through radar or video vehicle detection. It has multiple timing plans as well as manual operation. The entire intersection signalling communicates on wireless media. Specially designed for construction / traffic diversion site.  It has  a Master Controller and up to 15 Slave Controllers. No road cutting required for Hume pipes /signal cable. Uses unlicensed 2.4 GHz Band. Optimized Solar Power. 12 V DC or 24 V DC operation. Centrally Controlled Software monitors in-built hardware conflict. It has Vehicle Detection / Classification Software. It has both solar powered and direct battery operation with out charging up to 7 days. Mode of operations: Pre–timed, Vehicle Actuated, ATCS (Centrally Controlled),  Hurry call ,  Manual Operation and Forced flash. It conducts self–diagnosis on power up and run time. Other options include Green Conflict Monitoring, Lamp failure / short circuit monitoring and fallback on secondary frequency in case of wireless signal jam.


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