Thursday , 2 July 2020

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Enterprise level projects and importance of Video Management Software & Video Analytics

If you are not able to provide the desired surveillance to your client even after providing the best quality hardware, servers etc, it makes no sense of them. The intangible technology (software) plays very important role in fulfilling the requirement especially in large projects where the number of cameras are in thousands.

Similarly in video surveillance industry, importance of software is even greater. Following are the features, a VMS (Video Management Software) must possess to work on large projects:

1. The software must be able to handle large number of cameras without crashing

2. The software must be able to support wide variety of camera models as the client does not always possess cameras of same brand

3. The software must be highly stable and excellent in performance

4. It must possess the features like failover, redundancy, mobile surveillance, web surveillance to make the task easier for customer

5. It should provide the facility to group the cameras on the basis of station, location, area or any other parameters. This facility helps user search, view, or monitor particular camera with much efficiency and in less time

6. The software should provide advanced video analytics which helps user to keep track of thousands of cameras simultaneously from a single location. This is important in detecting breach, missed object, left object, fire or any kind of threat

7. The analytics should have excellent accuracy

8. The software should have the facility to send alarms, SMS, email etc at the time of any breach/event

9. The software should be capable of integrating third party devices like alarms, sensors, PIDS and access control

10. It should have facility to define proactive response mechanism as per predefined rules, in case of any breach

11. The software should possess E-maps which show status of all cameras, devices. alerts, the health of cameras, their Connect/ Disconnect Status etc.

Competencies of i2V

• i2V software can run more number of cameras on the same hardware configuration hence you can save almost 40% of your hardware cost.

• The software can run with almost all kinds of IP camera brands, so if a client has cameras of 2-3 brands, i2V software is best.

• A client does not need to buy a separate NVR to run the camera; i2V software can be installed in any PC and provide its functionality.

• In NVRs, you can use only a fixed number of cameras and you cannot expand it. If you want to increase the number of camera,s you need to buy a new NVR. But with i2V, you can anytime increase the number of cameras without changing anything.

• As i2V is specialist in software making, the quality, stability and performance of software is of high standard.

• i2V provides analytics which are very accurate and highly efficient.

• i2V provides one call support services.

Sumit Aggarwal
Founder, i2V Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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