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Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Going Cashless at Toll Plazas

RTA M Wallet App of Telangana

For having real-time visibility, Transport department of Telangana has connected all its offices to a central server. In addition, it had launched an ambitious m-governance platform – an m-Wallet app to offer a paper free ride. So far over 10 lakh people have downloaded the application. Now it is looking to integrate e-Challan payment, traffic and weather updates options into the app.

In tune with ‘Digital India’ programme, the Telangana State Transport Department had rolled out a first-of-its-kind initiative – RTA M Wallet App that helps a motorist to avoid physically carrying documents like driving license (DL), registration certificate (RC) and other documents related to transport and traffic department. Launched on March, 2016, the response has been encouraging with over 15 lakh downloads in a span of six months. The idea of M Wallet triggered from several instances where many of the motorists fail to carry the driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other related documents and end up being fined by the police personnel. The M-Wallet app can be downloaded free and one can register themselves using the name and mobile phone which will connect them to the transport department data.

The e-Challan is generated automatically when a motorist violates a traffic rule and it is linked to RC and DL of the violator. Now, Telangana State Transport department is in the process of linking e-Challan with M-Wallet. With this, as soon as the motorist is challaned by the traffic department, a notification similar to that in Facebook, WhatsApp pops up through the M-Wallet App. Thus, M

“At Oxigen, it has been our key endeavor to promote digital payments in every business that heavily depends on cash transactions. We are enthusiastic about enabling the recent RBI guideline and digitalizing toll payments on DND. A majority of our new and existing users will access services and conveniently recharge their DND expressway cards.”

Following the announcement, users may walk in to the DND customer service center and select Oxigen Wallet as a preferred mode of payment to recharge or get a new membership of Gold or Silver FasTAG. The DND executive will prompt the customer to generate the OTP on Oxigen wallet app, meanwhile feeding in the customer’s mobile number and amount in the POS machine. In order to approve the transaction, customers will have to share the OTP and if their Oxigen Wallet has enough balance, the transaction would be successful and fulfilled by DND executive.

In its bit to mainstream digital payments, Oxigen Wallet has already taken certain key initiatives, including its partnership with the HPCL, allowing users to pay for fuels via Oxigen mobile Wallet. This move to digitally recharge FASTag cards and electronically pay for DND tolls shall further streamline payments and strengthen India’s transition towards a cashless economy.

The Future of Digital Wallets

There is no denying that in today’s digital revolution, the concept of a tangible, paper ticket is fast-becoming a dusty notion of yesteryear. The millennial age is now far more reliant on mobile technology, and transport operators must adapt to this and harness the vast amounts of data produced from these available means to stay afloat.

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