Friday , 19 July 2019

Ingenious Car Parking Technology


G.S.Road, Kolkata

Lubrication is one of the important aspects during maintenance of any car parking system. In some of our projects, we have used self lubricating bearings for long life and smooth running of car parking system.

Safety is considered the most important aspect while designing a car parking system. The safety devices are installed at every corner of the parking system. At the entrance, human present sensors are installed in order to ensure that there are no persons or animals inside the car parking system before the start of car parking cycle. Moreover, presence of car position sensors ensures that the car is placed correctly before the start of car parking cycle.

In robotic parking system, numerous field devices are installed which send feedback to the system PLC during each operation of every single equipment that can be monitored through SCADA sequentially. In some cases, we have provided special field devices which are dust- proof as well as water-proof depending upon on the situation. All the motors installed in this type of car parking system are geared which ensure safety of the vehicle parked inside. In elevators and other equipment, safety devices such as anti fall devices, buffers and limit switches at the extreme end positions, laser sensors are present. Moreover, both hardware and software interlocking is done to ensure complete safety of the equipment. Power rails are also used in order to transfer electricity from a stationary source to a mobile user and thus it eliminates the use of wires and cables.

Protection against fire and corrosion is considered as one of the major parameters while designing a car parking system. Simpark has recently designed fire-retardant structures for parking systems in order to ensure longer life. All the equipment of the parking system are provided with anticorrosive coatings and in some cases, they are also galvanized

The car parking elevators are designed depending upon the shape, size and location of the plot. In Chennai for Apollo Hospital project, we have designed and installed turntable inside the lobby elevator as there is no space for separate entry and exit lobby during parking and retrieval of cars. In Kolkata New Market project, we have designed, manufactured and installed hydraulic scissor lift which can lift a car up to a height of eight meters. Moreover, there is no counterweight and over-head winch present in the electro-mechanical car elevator of dollyshuttle type car parking system.

All the car parking systems of Simpark are tailored to suit the Indian climatic conditions.

Which are the other major projects?

Apart from two major Automatic Multilevel Parking Projects with Kolkata Municipal Corporation, we have also successfully commissioned 50 projects all over the country averaging about 50 cars each. These are for both private and government organizations. More than 1000 car space are under bidding stage in various places all over India.

Over view of the automatic car parking market in India

With the rising population and the number of cars, more intelligent ways need to be devised to combat the present problems. In India, the air in the metropolitan cities is highly polluted due to the greenhouses gases emission from four wheelers. Hence, local government bodies need to implement green parking solutions. Even green building projects must have intelligent/ smart parking systems. Going forward, though automatic car parking systems could help ease congestion, future interventions need to be explored to minimize the involvement of human element for loading and unloading during parking process involved in semi-automated car parking systems.

Managing the operations of  parking space

Simpark has strong technical competence to manage the operation of parking space. SIPL is the only company in AMLCP business that has the credit of successfully operating and maintaining its own system for 16 long years post installation. Simpark has its own operation and maintenance team spread all over India. We provide hands on training to our clients’ staff as well. The company has expertise in operating and maintaining large public parking systems in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Depending upon the requirement.