Friday , 10 July 2020

Intelligent Cameras for Traffic Management

Ashwin Amarapur, CEO & Director, AllGoVision, explained, “Artificial intelligence used in Video analytics is replacing human intelligence. With the enormous amount of data available to train each module, it has only becoming easier. Red light violations detected by the surveillance cameras (machines) are generating e-challans by integrating with the RTO database. This effectively reduces manpower stationed at every traffic junctions increasing the humancomputer interactions through command & control centers who are monitoring these events.

Amarapur feels, the real challenge often faced is that the vendors are not ready to share the Software Development Kit with other vendors in the market. Another issue is the interoperability issues with other traffic systems. For example, speed detection needs to be integrated with traffic display systems. Congestion detection needs to be integrated with red light control.

As per the official Indian government statistics report, the National Highways, which is approximately two percent of India’s total road network, accounts for 30.4 percent of total road accidents and 36 percent of deaths in 2017. In 2017, a total of 4,64,910 road accidents were reported in the country, claiming 1,47,913 lives and causing injuries to 4,70,975 persons, which translates into an alarming picture where 16 people die and another 53 are injured every hour on Indian roads. So, India as a market has been slowly gaining impetus in the usage of advanced technologies and the Government is keen to implement latest intelligence based products in the upcoming smart city projects to curb the number of road accidents. Traffic violations in the cities are now monitored closely and entry exit points in buildings are under surveillance. The importance of visual censors is increasing.

Smarter traffic monitoring with intelligent cameras

To promote road safety in the national capital, over 100 highdefinition advanced technology cameras and 3D radars were set up at nine heavy-traffic density junctions on the 14-km Ring Road stretch between Dhaula Kuan and Sarai Kale Khan.

Arvind Tewari, GM Aabmatica Technologies said, “Violations were captured during day and night time ensuring 24/7 surveillance. The captured photos and videos were electronically transmitted to the central command centre of Delhi Police where they could view the live-feed from traffic junctions of the stretch on four large screens. For verification, the police personnel at the command centre receives multiple images of each violation; the registration number of the vehicle is then cross checked with VAHAN to fetch the vehicle owner details. Once verified, an e-Challan is generated and sent to the violator through SMS, email or post depending upon the extracted contact details. The system can generate multiple reports to establish violation trends and plan corrective measures.”

The system, a perfect example of use of technology, enhances road safety initiatives of Delhi Police with support from Maruti Suzuki Foundation which was supervised and overseen by DIMTS and implemented by Aabmatica Technologies.

Intelligent Cameras are integral part of ITS

Intelligent Traffic Cameras enable critical transportation management functions with precision by enhancing the security and efficiency quotients. Hikvision provides complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). The latest solution from Hikvision Smart IP Solutions includes dedicated, high performance cameras as for event capture, reliable embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralized video management platform – perfectly unifying all the ITS devices and delivering service extensible applications.

The market for intelligent camera is rapidly growing. With the increasing number of roads and traffic, intelligent traffic management and automatic incident detection systems will witness a high demand in the years to come. Moreover, the response time to any incidents will be much quicker and in real time.

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