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Friday , 24 March 2023


Road markers and signs play an important role in Road Safety, these are the only two components that are visible and support the drivers during nighttime travelling on the roads. Amit Thatte, Managing Director, Kataline Infra Products informed that the company’s new heavy-duty Solar Road Studs developed to avoid accidents, have a capacity to bear 40 tonnes of crushing load, so the breakage is very low.

Adding to the importance of Road Markers, Nitin Nakhat, CEO, SBRMM Construction & Equipment pointed out that these are the first indicators for the driver to drive safe on the roads. His product Audio Tactile Line Marking is being used across Europe and the US to ensure that early morning road fatalities happen when the drivers doze-off. When a vehicle passes through these lines with rumblers, it sends an indication to the driver in the form of vibrations and sound.

Jørn Christensen, Sales Director of Denmark based Borum A/S, asserts, “India, like other countries, faces the acute problem of intense traffic density, which puts tremendous strain both on the traffic safety issues and on the machinery needed to do the job in this regard. With today’s high traffic density, completing the job quickly is a must. The change from push prams to bigger machines increases with the development of the road network as a natural step for faster marking.

“We brought at the Expo a thermoplastic extruder machine BM 2700T which is a self-propelled machine for the city areas to urban and interurban roads. The machine can handle both smaller jobs and longer road stretches. The extruder can apply lines of 5 – 40 cm width depending on the set-up. In short, the equipment helps operators get the most out of the available working hours.”

DC Intozi, Datacorp Traffic’s Enforcement wing, had on display first-of-its-kind interceptors mounted on a moving vehicle. The solar-powered Smart ANPR Barricade can be used by the toll operators as well as by the enforcement authorities. This intelligent device is capable of scanning vehicles to capture number plates and send instant alerts to the Police on stolen or hot-listed vehicles.

DC-Intozi’s new Vehicle Mounted Radar based Device is an advanced solution for enforcement that caught everyone’s attention. It can detect violation of over-speeding, seat-belt violation, no helmet, triple-seat rides and even wrong-way driving completely in a mobile vehicle. It is integrated with the Vaahan portal to generate e-challans automatically.

When it comes to total parking solutions, Jajoo Automation’s TPark allows online ticketing and parking reservations, as well as customizing it based on the requirements. The parking management software can connect with other third-party system, and is connectible with Android apps. Vishal Jajoo, Director talked about the ANPR-based parking solution, where the camera automatically recognizes & records the number plate, time, date of entry, and through cooperation with NPCI, an API or gateway will be able to deduct the amount cashlessly at exit, even without FASTags.

With Park & Pay System and Advanced Pre-Booking from Omnitec Systems India (P) Ltd, one can pre-book a parking slot and use any mobile platform to make payments. Said Renwil Menezes, Vice President, “Through technology-enabled cloud servers and mobile payments, the entire journey is smooth and seamless.”

Marine Car Parx, a unit of Sri Sadan Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, exhibited an innovative and green parking solution. Using a gantry crane, the cars are placed in crates and stacked vertically, up to five tiers high. As a result, the parking capacity can be increased five-fold. There is no need for excavation or elaborate civil works, the structure and the gantry can be dismantled & relocated, in case the customer wishes to put the land to a different use in future. “The Expo has been very fruitful for us, we got a lot of enquiries from Mumbai and other Smart Cities. In fact, we had an enquiry from NESCO owners to develop a parking system for approx 5000 car parking spaces,” said N V Ramana, Director.

Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd showcased Intelligent Traffic Management system and Traffic Enforcement system that can be used by motor vehicle department, enforcement authorities for enforcing and streamlining the traffic. These ANPR cameras can detect reflective & non-reflective number plates. Keltron also has Global Satellite Technology with 98% accuracy.

The solutions for bus shelters too found their place among the discerning audience. Aaartist Signage & Graphics exhibited Commuter-friendly Bus Shelters with unique queuing system & seating arrangement was fitted with features like surveillance system, route map, ticket vending system, and advertisement panels.

Superus Systems showcased connected information systems -digital signage, E-ink Devices and Payment Systems.

Another innovative product was COS AI’s vision based ATMS a modular, open and flexible software integrated with traffic related applications like ATCC, ANPR, VIDS, VSDS, TMCS etc. The system includes the value-added features in the form of real-time information on traffic conditions, unusual events, congestion levels and weather conditions to facilitate project users and the operators.

On display were a range of product/technology like Adaptive Traffic Monitoring System, Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption, Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Controllers, CoSiCoSt, Traffic Management & Monitoring Software, Driving Simulators and other such solutions for the transportation sector. For CDAC (Thiruvananthapuram), the participation opened up new opportunities.

Complete Instrumentation Solutions Private Limited introduced MALA Easy Locator Core which is a market leader in GPR utility locating and mapping. It is the state-of-the-art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals, it includes the best data quality with real-time interpretation; wireless data collection using mobile devices; cloud storage, post-processing and on-site reporting.

Declaat India Pvt Ltd too launched various products at the Expo: Solar cameras, fog-light cameras, body-worn cameras, MDVRs, along with Road & traffic management system. “However, it was our body-worn cameras which got maximum response especially from the enforcement authorities. We got approximately 1000 orders for the body-worn cameras, there were enquiries from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu police authorities”informed N Surya Krishna, Founder & Director.

A small, light, and easy-to-carry device, the body worn camera allows law enforcement agencies to record the audio and video of the incident. It has built in 64GB storage that allows for hours of footage without worrying about running out of space. The device can easily be set up with a smartphone app.

Joining the list of launches are systems from Aabmatica Technologies Pvt Ltd: Over-speeding display & Portable Speed System; Automatic Incident Detection System under Highway Management and sensors for tunnel safety.

TRL Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to implement next-gen digital solutions to bring world-class safety to Indian roads. Spencer Rigler, Director of TRL Technologies Pvt Ltd explained,“We offer cutting-edge technologies in Road Safety, Infra-Asset Management, and Accident Analysis. With the ‘Make in India’ programme, it is an advantage for India wherein global technology gets an Indian context. Our ready-to-deploy solutions are set to bring revolutionary changes to the management of the country’s road networks.”

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