Tuesday , 7 April 2020

Laser-based Video Camera

The TruCAM® is the first all-in-one, laser-based video camera. It collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for both speeding and tailgating along with a highresolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number. The TruCAM is the final word in traffic enforcement evidence. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story.

Key Features

  • Tamper-proof data encryption
  • Defeats laser jammers
  • Save and record violations only within your desired speed limit
  • Multiple operation modes
  • Easily accessible camera lens for quick focusing and iris levels
  • Built-in SD card slot for quick access to your violations
  • TruViewer software for archiving and post-processing
  • Color-coded buttons matching the touch-screen interface for alternative user operation

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