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Saturday , 25 June 2022

Laser Scanner Solution

Jenoptik’s TrafficStar S350 features the latest Robot laser scanner technology for non-invasive distance measurement. The flexible robot technology simplifies the relocation of the entire measuring system between different locations. The system features accurate speed measurement across multiple traffic lanes and reliable vehicle class determination of approaching and/or departing traffic. Additionally, the system is capable of monitoring different speed limits, both for vehicle classes and traffic lanes.

Speed offences are reliably captured and recorded with a high-resolution digital Robort SmartCamera with resolutions of up to 29 megapixel.

laser-scannerTechnical highlights:

• High-resolution digital Robot SmartCamera
• Optional second image, video or sequence
• Flexible Robot plug-and-play technology nwith built-in flash unit and site configuration
• Network-ready for remote control

The technology is non-invasive, reliable and provides accurate speed enforcement, surveillance of multiple traffic lanes, precise measurement results and vehicle classification


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