Friday , 21 February 2020

Live-monitoring of toll gates by NHAI

Struggling to deal with congestion at toll plazas on national highways, NHAI has now resorted to technology. It will put a cloud-based system for live-monitoring of traffic choked toll gates and send automatic alerts via SMS, calls & email to officials concerned so that immediate action can be taken.

A centralised system will help the NHAI personnel monitor the ground situation from its headquarters and even while on the move. The automated system of sending alerts will go to all the people concerned in the chain and if the matter is not resolved, it will be escalated to the highest level. The actions that can be taken quickly include swapping of more toll gates for the carriageway where traffic volume is very high and there are long queues.

The live information from all toll plazas will be available on a dashboard for taking quick decision or issuing direction. If there is a regular pattern of vehicle congestion, the system will also suggest measures that can be taken to resolve the issue.

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