Thursday , 28 May 2020

Maha Metro: The Digital Twins

Building Information Management

Maha Metro’s Nagpur is the first project to implement the 5D-BIM, and also the first to extend the resources to achieve another milestone of 6D-BIM. With 6D-BIM, Maha Metro has created a digital twin with an asset management system. Through 6D-BIM, says Dixit, “We have defined an asset strategy, where we have divided our assets into various categories, uniquely identified each asset by linking them to the 3D model, which is already having a history of construction information.”

Having said that, the asset is handed over to the operations team through the digital platform. Thus, Maha Metro has avoided the information loss. Traditionally, complete handover takes place between the project team and O&M team within a short span, but with this excellent approach, Maha Metro has done a seamless handover on the digital platform.

Here, Maha Metro has ensured that its ecosystem partners submit 3D as-built models as final deliverable rather than the drawings. Based on as-built models, the O&M team can plan the maintenance strategy and philosophy. Each asset is further divided into equipment up to least replaceable units on which any kind of maintenance is carried out. All the operational activities required for maintenance, their permits have been mapped on to the system to ensure faster approvals and go paperless.

Maha Metro has also digitalised station diaries across all operational stations and enabled system alerts whenever any exception occurs. “This will help us to take preventive/ corrective action promptly. Hence, we can confidently say that Maha metro has adopted best strategies in place for handling complete metro project life cycle.”

Socio-economic Impact

Metro construction activities, if not managed properly for safety and environmental aspects, have the potential to cause social un-rest very easily. Understanding this, the Nagpur Metro rail project has documented and addressed the safety risks, and environmental impacts of the project, thoroughly. Soil erosion control plan, waste management plan, noise control plan are a few examples of construction phase sustainability features. Without such measures, construction activities shall cause visible and at times unbearable changes in the ambient environment for considerable durations.

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