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Saturday , 29 January 2022

“Metro will surely change the way people travel in Jaipur”

What are the key features of the rolling stock indigenously manufactured by BEML, Bengaluru?

Some key features of RS8 trains designed and manufactured by BEML are:

a. Stainless Steel Car Body.

b. Robust and proven bogie design to negotiate curves

c. Load weighing fresh air control, to ensure efficient HVAC.

d. 4 CCTV cameras and 4 Passenger Emergency Alarm devices provided in each car.

e. Energy efficient propulsion technology, utilizing IGBT components with high capability to regenerate power during electric braking.

f. PA/PIS system with external and internal display as well as route map for giving the passenger on-line information on board as well as on the platforms.

g. Boost/float charging facility for battery.

h. Flash double glazing design for windows to minimize the solar gain.

i. Provision of anti collision and anti climber at car ends.

j. Thermal and noise insulation is provided on the inside of the roof, side, floor, front and end structures. The insulation is of glass wool, characterized by low smoke emission and heat conductivity.

The core values followed by JMRCL?

“Metro will surely change the way people travel in Jaipur” - See more at: https://www.trafficinfratech.com/?p=15494&preview=true#sthash.xTjtGxOP.dpufJMRCL insists on merit and transparency in its decision making. It has made an effective use of its website to make its decision-making most participative and transparent. In deciding the uniform of its staff, its fare structure, the use of its station premises for retail and such other issues, JMRC has been obtaining and factoring the opinion of its customers and the public at large.

What about inter-modal connectivity?

Inter-modal connectivity is a strong point of Jaipur Metro. While the metro line already commissioned connects

the Railway Junction and the Inter State Bus Terminus (called ‘Sindhi Camp’), our second metro line from Sitapura to Ambabari will also be connecting with the Jaipur International Airport. Skywalks and subways have been planned for easy inter-change on these points. BRTS and Metro are getting connected at Mansarovar, the originating Metro station. Besides, for the last mile connectivity, we are introducing a Metro feeder service, comprising e-rickshaws and 4-wheeled small vehicles. All feeder services shall start and terminate at Metro station only with stops enroute to convenient locations. The parking facilities have a total area of 24,000sqmt that can accommodate about 2500 vehicles.

Emergency Management

Jaipur Metro has taken various steps to ensure that at the time of emergency, all basic support systems are in place. A Standard Gauge self-propelled Rail-cum-Road Vehicle (RRV) and one four-wheeled Tower Wagon (SG self-propelled rail vehicle) are made available. For emergency services at the time of any accident/incident, JMRCL has signed a MoU with well-equipped Metro Manas Arogya Sadan Heart Care & Multispecialty Hospital, Mansarovar. A MoU has also been signed with NHRM for ‘108’ Ambulance services and a free accident insurance scheme for its passengers, including visitors (i.e., non-passengers visiting Metro Stations) has been put in place in association with New India Assurance Company Limited.


Fare Structure

The fares are lowest in comparison to any other mode of public transport in Jaipur city. The fare structure is easy to understand and use for a common man as the fare is charged by the number of stations travelled and in multiples of `5. Different fares have been fixed for peak and off-peak hours.

• Contactless Smart Token: This token will be issued from Ticket Office and Ticket Machines at all the Metro stations for a single point-to-point journey.

• Contactless Smart Cards:

1. Daily Commuter Card: This card will be issued from the Customer Care Centre and/or Ticket Office at all the Metro stations. These cards can be re-charged not only at Metro Stations, but also through World Wide Web. At Metro stations, Metro card will be recharged through cash or a debit or credit card of any bank.

2. Combo Card: JMRCL has already entered into a MoU with HDFC Bank and accordingly co-branded Combo Cards will be issued by HDFC Bank which will be used on Jaipur Metro system just like Daily Commuter Smart Cards issued by Jaipur Metro.

3. Tourist Card: There will be two types of Tourist Cards, one-day tour card and three-day tour card.

• Group Ticket: Manual paper tickets will be issued to groups of more than 20 commuters on their request at a discount of 10%.

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