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Wednesday , 17 August 2022

MetroCount Overcoming Road Challenges in India

ii. Road Management
• Inform infrastructure upgrades

• Implement road maintenance more quickly and effectively

• Identify growth and seasonal variations in heavy vehicle movement

• Highlight illegal use of certain roads by specified vehicle types

Much data is currently obtained by the MoRTH and NHAI, amongst other road authorities, and will continue to grow in size exponentially. The use and sharing of this data is still a concern amongst most organisations internationally; India is not alone in this regard. Better access and availability of the data by the relevant authorities are required and analytical tools are coming in the market quickly to assist in this area.

MetroCount has developed an online data analytics platform which will streamline the analysis and sharing of important traffic data.

How can your technology help the toll operators and in collecting data about heavy vehicles?

This is one area where MetroCount systems work effectively well. Our ATCCs provide individual vehicle types and the exact time of travel over the sensors. In conjunction with traffic survey companies and their video systems, this information can be relayed back to the toll operators to assist with reconciliation of the vehicles and monies collected.

What is going to be your strategy to expand your market in India and partner base?

MetroCount works closely with several major players in India’s traffic survey business and will continue to do so since they are the front-line operators providing information to the end-client.

In recent years, MetroCount has appointed accredited reseller status to nominated Indian companies who act as our agents in providing sales and support services to other survey companies and the road authority end-clients throughout India.

We provide training to these personnel either directly or via online services, and we update them with new product info and client-specific support as required. This is an exciting and challenging time for us, as we move to a solid base in key areas of the Indian landscape.

How has your experience been with TrafficInfraTech Expo? Could you connect with new end-users and partners?

TrafficInfraTech Expo has been the premier venue for MetroCount to showcase our product range in India. We return year after year because we know that the many hundreds of attendees and delegates form the backbone of all stakeholders in India’s traffic and transport sectors.

VIS, the Expo management team, does a superlative job each year bringing delegates to the exhibitor stands and encouraging attendees to visit as many exhibitors as possible, not just the ones they believe are more relevant. Keeping an open mind to how different suppliers can help is paramount to meeting the challenging needs of road safety and road maintenance in India.

Furthermore, each year our client base grows because of the TrafficInfraTech Expo and we find that an encouraging sign that we need to return each year.

We are sure you will come with new technologies in the 2020 New Delhi Expo. Can you tell us about your plans?

Quite a few products are in the R&D stage and are being rolled out slowly in various markets. The ones we can share with your readers now include real-time vehicle monitoring – the RoadPod VM – which provides traffic volumes as well as simple vehicle classes plus accurate speeds of each vehicle. Data is conveyed in real-time to an online dashboard and to the client.

To ensure the availability of shared data and with powerful online data analytics, MetroCount has developed Atlyst, a cloudbased platform to upload traffic data, manage traffic surveys, and visualise detailed site data all on one platform.

MetroCount’s global presence and offerings

MetroCount is headquartered in Perth, Australia, and has satellite offices in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Through direct sales and our global network, we supply traffic monitoring and analysis solutions to clients in 120 countries.



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