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Saturday , 29 January 2022

Multi-Lane Traffic Monitoring

The RoadPod VP continuously records every axle passing over its sensors, offering the highest level of detail for a permanent monitoring solution. Designed for multi-lane traffic monitoring, the system can easily merge data into MTE traffic reports.

Embedded in the pavement, piezoelectric strips are a low-profile solution for continuous traffic data collection. Our proprietary installation techniques reduce friction to ensure maximum longevity on even the busiest roads. Users can opt for the remote access add-on, enabling online data download and site checks, making the system maintenance-free.

Very power efficient, the counter uses an internal battery and an external solar panel, recording axle data on the long-term. Thus, the RoadPod VP is ideal for identifying seasonal trends, traffic evolution over time, or transport mode shifts when used together with the RidePod BP bike monitoring system.

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