Monday , 14 October 2019

Multi-Level Car Parking at Mumbai Airport

Important Features

– Total 10 levels with 3 basements; Parking capacity of 5100 cars and 400 two-wheelers with 64 car spaces for the differently abled,

– An Arrival Plaza that can accommodate up to 5000 passengers & guests, and a Departure Plaza that can accommodate more than 5200 passengers & guests

– 76 toilets and additional twenty toilets for the physically challenged

– Eight 4-tonne high capacity elevators (2 additional elevators for city connection)

– Eight escalators connecting arrival, departure and transportation lobbies

– Central water feature at Arrivals Plaza

– 650sqm of retail shops and café at Arrivals Plaza and 150sqm at Departures Plaza

– Aluminum fins face on the terminal facing side of the Car Park to provide an interesting backdrop elevation

Interesting Facts

• Size: L – 385m. W – 80m. Total area of about 250,000 sq. mtrs. which is the size of approximatly. 20 Wankhede stadiums or 35 full-sized football fields.

• Excavation: Depth of excavation was 13.5m below ground level. Nearly 45,000 truckloads of earth and rock were excavated, a process that continued for 12 months.

• Waterproofing: Membrane type waterproofing amounting up to 42,900sqm, large enough to cover eight hockey fields, is used for enveloping the entire basement like ‘wrapping a big gift’.

• 3010 nos. of pre-stressed rock anchors with heavy duty strands holding the entire structure against uplift water pressure was used.

• Fire Protection system: 70km of piping runs across the MLCP which is approximately the distance from Mumbai to Karjat.

• Fire Alarm system: 220km of fire detection cable runs across the MLCP which is approximately the distance from Mumbai to Mahableshwar.

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