Thursday , 1 October 2020

Nagpur Smart City Improving the quality of life

What are the special mobility solutions being planned?

In ABD area, e-buses and e-rickshaws are proposed to be deployed. E-rickshaws are to be used for last mile connectivity.

Smart Bus stops are being developed under pan-city component.

Followings applications are being used in traffic and transportation sector:

Smart Parking Information System
Adaptive Traffic Control System
E-challan application for traffic violators
Fleet Management and Passenger Information System

Parking management is another key issue for any smart city project. How is NSSDCL tackling this?

NSSCDCL is developing Automated Multilevel Car Parking (MLCP) in ABD area considering the scarcity of open space available for surface parking.

The project aims at construction of a multi-storied parking-cumcommercial complex in ABD area. The structure of the project will be under the Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) model of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. A private developer would be selected to implement the project and will be allowed to operate and maintain the Project through concession period.

NSSDCL has planned an integrated package — design and construction of roads, bridges, culverts, sidewalks, which works on Tender SURE concept for area-based development (ABD) under Nagpur Smart City project.

In ABD area of Nagpur Smart City Project, Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation is to construct 52km of road with the concept of TenderSURE. The roads, water supply, sewerage, storm water drains, power ducts are integral part of the Tender SURE project. The design features deal with the detailed lane plans, junction design, sections at regular intervals, footpaths, cycle lane, designing of different utilities (underground and above ground activities) and estimation of the whole project. The road length under this project is 52km as per Town Planning Scheme.

This concept is widely accepted for its approach wherein all the urban road elements in a stretch of road will be given equal importance and will be designed accordingly. Dedicated cycle tracks and footpaths are being developed under TenderSURE project.

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