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Monday , 6 December 2021

National Highways for Electric Vehicles:
Strengthening e-Mobility Ecosystem

Ecosystem Enabler
• Mobile App and Digital Interface
• Skilled – Man Power
• EV – Digital Wallet
• Design Partner
• Advertising Partner
• Civil Contractor
• Media and Outreach Partners
• Banking & Finance Partner
• Fleet Operators
• Breakdown Service Provider

Need for Fast Charger

Need for Fast Charger Every stakeholder in the electric vehicle industry is familiar with the concepts of slow charging and fast charging of electric vehicles. Here, the former involves a projected time limit of 5 to 6 hours and the latter is relatively quicker, supplying DC charge and charging the vehicle in 1-2 hours, maximum. The growing need of the hour, especially in India has been recognized as the fast charging of electric vehicles for their mass adoption across the country. With the addition of projects such as NHEV, the need of fast charging infrastructure is at an all-time high. “Consequentially, this is where the opportunity arises for foreign players as well as local players in the space of fast charging of electric vehicles to make a mark,” states Sinha.

Categories Components
• EV Manufacturer BUS / HMV
• EV Car / LMV Manufacturer
• EV 2 Wheeler/Auto 3 Wheeler
• Battery Operator / Manufacturer
• Charger /Charging Infra Providers
• Electrification Contractor
• Solar Infra Providers
• Program & Summit Partners
• Utility Component
• Station Lightening


The entire project is based on Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM). It means that payment is made to on-boarded partners and suppliers for CapEx in a fixed amount for a considerable period of 12 months (Annuity) to earn OpEx and then in a variable annuity amount for expansion in the remaining period for coming phases based on the fleet they increase annually. Advantage of AHEM is that it gives enough liquidity to the suppliers and owner PSU and the financial risk of the bank is shared by the PSU and insurance companies.

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