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Monday , 6 December 2021

National Highways for Electric Vehicles:
Strengthening e-Mobility Ecosystem

Agra-Delhi-Jaipur will be a 500 km e-mobility conversion program for National Highways and Expressways into E-Highways in just 90 days with charging stations and public transport fleets

Sinha said, “It’s a user focused programme where technology and interoperability based bidding process happens between on boarded suppliers and partners to ensure the most suitable and self sustainable OpEx for the ecosystem before awarding work / service or supply contract.” Allocation of stations to interested PSU is to be done by parent ministries as per their willingness and interest in e-Mobility. Allocated PSU or investor entity would have liberty to call for presentations from on-boarded NHEV components partners for their allocated station while to finalize common service for ecosystem, they shall constitute consortium to see the presentations. Here, NHEV stations will have their own self sustainable OpEx model post construction and installation of products and services with annual AMC and warranties. They shall only be liable to pay electricity consumption charges when they charge E-vehicles otherwise they would have OpEx revenue from their on-site utilities. Surplus revenue generated by stations from utilities will be mixed into State and Central PSU annuity contribution for any expansion or capacity up-gradation to cater more EV fleets or if not required will be used for reaching to their breakeven.

Initially it is focused on self sustainability rather than the lowest cost quoted making it slightly complex in choosing for the first stretch. However, it takes 75% lesser-time in subsequent expansion beyond Agra and Jaipur with comparatively cheaper cost with availability of model RFP from EODB prototype stretch. It aims to include inputs, constraints, limitations, challenges, viability, availability and liability of stakeholders received from various on-board partners, supporting government entities, and knowledge-group and working group professionals over last one year.

Envisaged E-Highways
• Mumbai-Pune Expressway
• Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway
• Bengaluru-Mysore
• Bengaluru-Chennai
• Surat-Mumbai Expressway
• Agra-Lucknow Expressway
• Eastern Peripheral Expressway
• Delhi-Agra NH2 Expressway
• Hyderabad ORR Expressway

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