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Thursday , 11 August 2022

Noida explores area wise mobility

Noida Authority is exploring a plan to provide a comprehensive mobility plan of the city based on a study of commuters’ demands and the modes of transport used by them. The agency is conducting a 6-month long, area wise study of desirable mobility patters of commuters for the purpose. The CMP will address the mobility needs of all the people and the infrastructure requirement for all modes, as well as integrate both the land use i.e. the spatial distribution of activities and transport systems. The existing Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Study (CTTS) documents allocate the majority of resources to solving vehicle congestion, while the new CMP focuses on providing mobility to all people, crucial for effective and sustainable urban development. The Union Urban Development Ministry has also submitted a proposal, which if implemented, would approve project reports for a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) only when they include information on how the city proposes to account for feeder buses and what steps will be taken to ensure that cycle and pedestrian tracks will be provided in the influence zone of the MRTS stations. There is a need for a transportation system that is seamless and integrates various modes of public transport to ensure first and last mile connectivity. In Noida, there is no feeder bus services for the city’s metro service.

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