Saturday , 31 October 2020

Omega Analytics Pvt Ltd

Multi-Criteria Spatial Optimization

Omega Analytics is a new generation engineering and business analytics company specializing in solving multi-criteria spatial optimization problems for infrastructure projects, manufacturing and services sectors.

The company uses high-resolution satellite images, terrain models, algorithms and software to generate verifiable optimized solutions in considerably shorter time frames. The benefits to clients include lower project execution cost through improved design and significant time savings in planning & decision making.



• Feasibility studies, reconnaissance surveys for new railway lines, roads
• Hydrological investigations and safety checks for cross drainage structures
• Land acquisition plans
• Traffic studies and project financial modeling

Agriculture and Water resources

• Flood modelling and emergency response plans
• Canal network design and command area estimation
• Check dam site selection
• Crop area estimation
• Land use planning


• Route planning and scheduling
• Supply chain management

Consulting / E-governance

• Pre-bid advisory for infrastructure projects
• Verification and validation of detailed project reports
• Technology impact and policy studies
• RFP preparation and vendor response evaluation

Geospatial solutions

• Consultancy and implementation
• LiDAR data processing
• Image processing, terrain modeling
• GIS integration

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